How to plan perfect Bathroom Renovations for your Home


Before you plan to start completely ripping off your old bathroom for renovation purpose, it is important to sit down and make a list of what do you need in your new space. It is important to prioritize your needs, be it some special feature, colour, layout, shower or floor. The bathroom space is generally smaller than the rest of the house and that’s why maintaining it is more important. Analyze what kind of perfection, do you exactly need for your bathroom renovations. There are several things which you need to consider while going for bathroom renovations.

Decide According to Your Bathroom Space


Before planning any layout or, number and size of tiles, understand your bathroom space. This is the important step in your bathroom renovations and then only you can decide the best options for your bathroom, according to its space available. You can make the look perfect only when you decide things according to its size in the first place.

Workout with Your Storage Space

A bathroom won’t look perfect if it doesn’t have sufficient storage space. While renovating the space make sure that you have enough cabinets to store your toiletries, towels and other necessity. You can even try to go for the built-in shelf; they provide great storage with minimum use of the area and will free you from a lot of mess. Working out with your storage space in a better way will help your bathroom look very stylish and beautiful.

Criteria for Selecting Tiles for Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

The selected tiles should be according to the size of the bathroom and the paint you decide on the walls. You need to choose proper and matching tiles for floor and wall, individually. The tiles are available, generally in different designs and colour. Choose carefully, for perfect renovations.

Deciding Upon Fixtures and Fittings

To get a better design of your bathroom, you need to decide the points of implantation of the right fixtures and fittings. You can consult an expert and get the idea of proper design by him/her. From every single tap to the towel railing and showers, everything needs to be perfect. Don’t forget to keep bathtubs and sink in the design while deciding upon fixtures and fittings.

Deciding Perfect Layout 

A layout is the most important part of bathroom renovations as it changes everything and makes it better. You can take advice from designing expert about different aspects of a renovation. From changing the floor plan to plumbing connections, make sure everything looks perfect with your new layout.

Selecting A Shower 

The shower is one of the most important and beauty adding feature in a bathroom. It doesn’t matter, what type of shower you had in your old bathroom but while renovating, you should consider the shower which will give a new look to the bathroom. There are a number of showers available in the market fixed, waterfall showers, and handheld showers. You can go for something that matches your bathroom theme and colour.

Selecting A Bath 

There are a number of different bathtubs to select from. Bathtubs add proper beauty to your bathroom space and look aesthetic. Before you select a bathtub, prioritize space as the first factor of buying one.

Vanity and Sink 

The sink is everyone’s priority in the morning routine and probably the most used part of the bathroom. Decide the right sink and vanity unit, to make full use of your storage, considering your priorities.


Proper lighting will not only give your bathroom a luxury look but also look better.  Choose what type of lights which can help you in reducing energy bills. Try going for lights that will make you feel refreshed. There are many factors but one little space. Try applying each factor for a better bathroom.

You need to work out a lot if you are going for bathroom renovations.


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