All You Need To Know About Barrisol Lighting


Barrisol lighting finds a special place in commercial and public places, such as fairs, exhibitions, museums, living rooms, etc. Barrisol lights are used in phototherapy with varied colors and effect of day light. Barisol sheet lights have unique texture that allows a uniform diffusion of light source placed behind the sheet. The lighting system brightens the ceiling for a part or whole room according to the designs.

For the various colors and degree of transparency of the sheets, lights can be diffusive, colored, or natural. The lights in the ceiling can exploit the luminous atmosphere as per the design requirements

The Barrisol Lumière sheets has the possibility to project images, photographs, or animation of lights to create specific atmosphere required as per the design.

Though, many people still do not know barrisol lighting systems, they play a major role and impact on the look and feel of a particular space. These days, with the use of Barrisol lighting, architects and interior designers can widen their technical and design horizons to light up an interior space.

Barrisol offers a unique way to transform light into designs in many vivid ways than ever before.

Barrisol Lighting

Translucent Ceilings

For a translucent ceiling design, PCV or aluminium rails are placed around the ceiling opening. The lighting system is then installed within the ceiling above the rails, with any level of complexity. With installation of the barrisol sheets on the rails, the lighting system can be designed according to the space with an ease.

Translucent Walls

Barrisol translucent sheets can also brighten the wall décor in many ways. The installation on walls is composed of an aluminium structure, the lighting system, and the Translucent Barrisol sheet. This vertical use of barrisol lighting solution provides an innovative, aesthetic and a unique way to organize any design space or area.

Translucent 3D lights

Barrisol lighting solutions allow designers to create customized lighting for every size and space. Lighting solutions for pillar corners and textured 3D lights are achieved with the design process. With different textured and colored Barrisol sheets, the 3D lighting designs can be assembled with an ease.

Translucent 3D Forms

Barrisol translucent sheets can also be used to create any 3D decorative shapes and architectural forms. These 3D forms become the unique focal point of the room or space.

Barrisol Lighting

Projection Surfaces

The most talked feature of the Barrisol sheets is the capacity to be used as front or rear projection screen. Barrisol sheets can incorporate to changing videos over static images on any shapes or size. Translucent or opaque Barrisol sheets can instantly be transformed to array of colors by simply turning on a projector light.


Barrisol translucent sheets are great tools to optimize the sound acoustics of a space, such as cinema, meeting room, lobby, etc. The acoustic sheet absorbs sound waves that pass through. Thus, it decreases the reverberation of sound. This improves the overall acoustic experience.

Translucent Printed lighting solution

With the integrated lighting solution, printed Barrisol sheets make room for a whole new level of creativity. These translucent printed sheets look elegant on walls, ceilings, or 3D shapes and challenge the limits to interior design.

Colored Light

With textured and translucent sheets on ceilings, walls and 3D forms can be animated by changing light colors. The colored light solution systems can brighten up the atmosphere and rhythm of the space and demand attention to it’s aura of illusion. It can completely change the importance of a space and the environment.

Barrisol lighting translucent creation sheets can change their own color or the color of any object to suit the rhythm of the space or an environment.


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