Getting A Pest Inspection Done By Professionals


Pest inspections should be carried out by a licensed and trained individual who is experienced to assess any damage due to pests, bugs, termites or insects. According to pest control bodies, an increasing number of homeowners are waking to sounds of rats and mice in their homes or rodent infestations. Rodents, moths, and woodworm are known to infest everyday furniture items. These pests can chew through wiring, pipes, timber and even brickwork.  As there is a steady rise in the number of homes with rodent and pest infestations, it becomes very essential to have pest inspections.

Pest invasions

Pest Inspection

Most people often ignore getting regular pest inspections of their house or the property they intend to buy.

These inspections are very important, especially for those who are buying or selling a property. They should be aware if the property has an issue with rodents or other pests. When temperatures drop, there is a significant increase in the number of rodent infestations. Rodents are both dangerous and unhygienic for the house. During the warmer months, one can expect woodworm and flying ants within the house. One should not buy or sell a house unless and until the house is carefully inspected for pest invasions and any structural damage is taken care of.

Why go for a Professional Pest Inspection?

Professional pest inspectors are trained and experienced for the job and are licensed to perform inspections. The inspector knows his task well and knows what to look for and where.  He is dressed up in appropriate clothing and knows exactly what to look for. He carries and a light and a camera to capture any evidence of pest infestation. He pokes at structural members like timber, studs, sill plates and joists with a probing device. What he is looking for is signs of invaders such as termites, beetles, insects and other pests.

Most homeowners would never be able to notice a pest invasion, and this is why it becomes import to hire a professional pest inspector who can tell the difference between mounds of dirt created by earthworms or termites. He knows how to poke the exteriors and interiors of the property, the windows, the foundation, the roofline and other sites. Once the pest inspection is over, the inspector will make a pest report to identify the areas of concern. Call for professional help if you see any signs of any problem in your home. It could be tiny holes in your timber or the sighting of moths. If ignored, those issues can reach a stage of massive damage that requires colossal repairs.

 The process of controlling and removing pest invasions

Pest Inspection

 Today, there are fool proof solutions to controlling pests and removing them. Many times, the chemicals used for destroying pests are unsafe, smelly and toxic. The homeowners may have to move out while the pest control process is being carried out. Today, most of the products used to control these pests and rodents are extremely effective and generally, there is no need for the owners to move out. They make use of environmentally safer chemicals.

For rotting wood, the decaying parts are removed first. There might be a need for support beams for patios, window sills or roof extensions. Based on the kind and extent of damage, the pest company may get rid of the entire wood siding or may just cut off the damaged part. The homeowner should review the pest inspection report carefully to know exactly what to expect in the process. Sometimes, the pest report may demand further investigation, especially for problematic areas and inaccessible spots.


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