Keeping an Up-To-Date Record of Your Car Using Log Book Service

Log Book Service
Log Book Service

When a log book is maintained with the proper schedule, the owner is ensured that his or her car is healthy. This log book service is a guide as per the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. When these services are completed, the vehicles’ warranty is protected and the car is in excellent shape as well. The log book has details such as the service requirements in the first 200,000 kilometers driven and tells the mechanic the points that need attention at each service interval. The log book is also what the prospective owner looks at when buying a pre-owned car. This is a part of the decision-making process.

In order to save money, the owner can go to a local mechanic instead of the dealer post the warranty expiry and get the log book updated and serviced from him or her. What people are more interested in is seeing that service has been done rather than in seeing who has done the servicing. Regarding the service schedule, it is completely a personal choice. Some people follow it religiously while others ignore it completely. The latter are those who find their engine has suddenly seized up or they end up having to pay huge amounts for costly repairs which those who followed the schedule are saved from.

The log book service is a good way of tracking all the car expenses and these can be used to claim a tax return or to increase the tax refund. The reason is that the ATO allows for claims to be made for some car-related expenses especially for those who use the vehicle for business purposes. However, keeping a record of the expenses for deductions is complicated. Therefore, the car log book method is very important and popular. It measures the usage of the car as well. However, in order to claim these tax refunds, the log book should have details of all your trips including the date of the journey, start and end times, the odometer readings at start and finish and the total kilometers of the journey. It should also have the reason, the start and finish dates of the log book and the total kilometers travelled during that time. It needs to also mention the percentage of trips used for business purposes. Only when the log book is updated with all these information can the right deductible sum be worked out for tax purposes.

Vehicle Log Book Service
Vehicle Log Book Service

Maintaining a log book service is a lot of effort but it is worth it during the times of taxation. Additionally, if the percentage of the business use is constant, then only a 12 week recording period is to be done every 5 years and a log book service can help you with this. Vehicle expenses which can be claimed for tax purposes are the fuel, servicing and oil running costs, insurance, registration as well as depreciation of the vehicle.

The reason why people choose authorised service professionals for log book services are many:

  1. The staff is well qualified.
  2. The staff is experienced with handling the make, model and intricacies of the car and engine.
  3. The statutory warranty is intact when the log book is serviced by authorised personnel. Else, it is void.
  4. These use appropriate quality parts and oils.
  5. They know exactly what needs to be checked at each servicing.
  6. They stamp the log book as a proof and record of service.

These are the reasons why the log book service is maintained by car owners not only during the statutory warranty period but long after it as well. This helps them to be in control, be more meticulous and gain as a result of this as well.


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