How to Keep Your Conservatory Cosy this Autumn


It’s extremely common for homeowners to write off their conservatories in the autumn and winter months and view them as ‘no go’ zones.

You can’t blame them, either, especially when the colder months move in and the temperatures plummet both inside and outside a glass or polycarbonate conservatory.

Yet, what can you do? Believe it or not, with a few simple changes, you could be enjoying this autumn curling up on the sofa, admiring the reds, oranges and browns from the comfort of your conservatory.

Bi Fold Door.


Blinds are by far one of the most overlooked, yet effective and quick solutions to keeping your conservatory warm throughout the cooler months of the year. Heavy curtains or blinds in front of the windows will help to stop heat transfer, especially when it comes down to your monthly energy bills. 

Typically, in conservatories, many homeowners opt for blinds simply from an aesthetic point of view, as they are easy to open and close throughout the day. 

Cosy Throws and Cushions

This may be an obvious one, yet adding some cosy throws and cushions to your space can do a great deal towards making your conservatory that step comfier. Yet, with a handful of cosy blankets, plush throws and big cushions your space could be that bit more inviting as the colder nights draw in. They’re the perfect finishing touch.

Portable Electric Heaters

If you’re looking to heat a cold room, one way is with a portable electric heater.

These heaters are ideal in a conservatory on a cold winter morning, especially when your primary home heating hasn’t had a chance to take full effect. 

You’ll find yourself faced with a large number of options when it comes to portable electric heaters and they’re typically cheap to buy.

A Replacement Conservatory Roof

As mentioned above, older conservatories will be susceptible to the cold in the winter, simply down to the materials the roof is made out of. 

Should you be looking for a failsafe method of keeping your conservatory warm throughout the Autumn and into the winter months, and even cooler in the summer, then a replacement conservatory roof is the way to go.

A solid conservatory roof will provide you with an unbeatable thermal performance and will reduce the amount your pay on your monthly energy bills.

Add a Rug

It’s important to remember that the largest surface in your conservatory is the floor. Therefore, you may find that it is incredibly cold. 

A great way to warm up this space in the winter months is by adding a rug. A rug will warm your feet up and provide you with a much needed layer of insulation.

If you find yourself able to afford a bigger budget, you could make the space much warmer with the addition of underfloor heating, should you have a hard floor. Similarly, you could consider a fitted carpet. Both will make a big difference.

Make Sure There are No Drafts

One very important thing to look for in a cold conservatory is most definitely any drafts.

Make sure to check the seals of any external windows and doors and make sure that they are closing properly. If you find any gaps, you’ll have your answer. This is where your conservatory is lacking in energy efficiency. 

A quick and very low cost answer to this is filling the gaps with sealant, but you need to keep in mind that this will not be a long term fix.

There we have it. With a few changes here and there, you could transform your conservatory into a cosy little grotto where you spend your autumn evenings cuddled up. We hope you enjoyed our above article, written in collaboration with BJC Joinery Ltd, leading providers of Conservatory Conversions Glasgow.


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