Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Photocopier


Photocopiers might seem like the printing machine that we generally use but, they are different. Both things copy documents, but a photocopier is a device that works without connecting to computers.

It is also an important piece of office equipment that copy physical documents. Different brands are having a wide array of photocopier machines. These machines are equipped with multiple features that fit your requirements. This blog takes you through the different types of photocopiers and their key features.

Types of photocopiers

  1. Mono or black-and-white photocopier

These are the conventional and one of the most used photocopiers in offices and retail xerox shops. These have only one toner, which is black. You can find a mono photocopier for meeting low to high printing requirements. These are often used in offices.

  1. Color photocopiers

These are a good choice if you want to make copies with the original color of colorful documents. The basic model of these printers is equipped with four drums and four cartridges. These cartridges are magenta, cyan, yellow, and black. It is also referred to as the CMYK spectrum. These four-toners are effective in producing a wide array of color combinations that will suit your printing need.

  1. Desktop photocopiers

These is the smaller version of a photocopy machine. These are a good choice for printing A4 and A3 copies.

  1. Network photocopiers

A network photocopier is a good choice for office work to make the work easy and timesaving. Network photocopy machines are directly connected to all the systems via a network, allowing everyone to print and scan without being present near the system. These are perfect for school or the workplace.

  1. Digital or multifunction photocopiers

All the photocopiers we discussed here are multifunctional; you can use them for photocopying, scanning, and printing. These are also called multifunctional printers or all-in-one printers. These modern-day photocopiers can save your time and office space without compromising on productivity.

  1. Office photocopiers

These are used for commercial purposes and have a larger capacity. There are advanced options in such photocopiers like punching, stapling, binding, and sorting. If you have a higher printing need and are looking for the best photocopier for this, you can choose an office photocopier.

Things to consider when buying a photocopy machine

Are the different types of photocopy machines available in the market apart from the different types it is also important to consider certain other aspects when it comes to purchasing a photocopy machine for your office.

  • Consider your requirement

The first thing that you need to consider is your requirement. You can choose the right type of photocopier based on your photocopying needs, quality, regularity of use, and additional requirements.

  • Speed of the photocopier

Checking the printing speed while choosing the appropriate photocopier is important. The number of photocopies it can do in a minute defines the speed of the photocopier. If you want to use it for office purposes, then you cannot compromise on the time. Hence when making a choice, compare the different brands and the speed of the photocopier before narrowing down your options.

  • Reviews

The bounties of choices available in the mass market can leave you overwhelmed. Hence if you are making a purchase, you should also check the reviews and ratings of the photocopier. Check the third-party website to get a more authentic and credible review.

  • Customer support

The advanced photocopy machines are equipped with many features like scanning, printing, fax, etc. Hence, it may take some time to comprehend its functionality. Good customer support from the supplier shows that you get the right assistance in using the printer. If any problem arises while using the photocopier, the supplier’s customer support team should be there to assist you.

  • Cost comparison

Inclusive of all the above-mentioned parameters, you must also make the cost comparison of different photocopy machines available in the market.

Wrapping it up!!!

Now you have more grounding on the different types of photocopy machines available in the market. And, you know how to do the searching and what are the things to take care of. Make sure that you shortlist a few options and compare the reviews along with the pricing.

In addition to these aspects, it is also important that you must also enquire about customer assistance. Since most modern photocopiers are equipped with multiple features, you may require an initial round of training and support for this.


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