How Advancements In AI Will Affect Home Security Systems


Artificial intelligence is the next big thing and it can radically improve the home security system within your house, keeping you safer and increasing the chance the intruder will be apprehended by the authorities.


What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to the learning capabilities of machines or software instead of humans. Artificial intelligence can be taught or programmed to respond differently to particular situations, this can cause the artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically perform actions without human intervention. Artificial intelligence can be particularly useful when it comes to home security systems as your home security system can perform a range of functions for the benefit of the safety of your home.


Geofencing creates a virtual boundary around your property, this can be useful for alerting you to an intruder’s presence before they even try to break into your home. Geofencing can detect if someone enters the surroundings of your house that has a digital device emitting cellular data or GPS. For this to work properly you need to ensure you have some land in between your house and the road you live on, to prevent people walking by your house from setting off your home security system. 

Facial Recognition Technology

AI technology can allow home security cameras in your home to distinguish if the person who has set off the security system is a friend or foe. If the camera recognises the person the alarm system will simply turn off, minimising further disturbance to people sleeping. But if the camera doesn’t recognise the person who has entered your house the security system will remain on. Some home security systems that are already on the market also have voice recognition technology allowing you to easily shut down your home security system if it does not recognise your face for whatever reason.

Better Footage Of Intruders

Home security systems that are AI-based may be able to track intruders better as they move around your home, potentially zooming into their faces or distinctive features about them such as their clothing or a tattoo that they have. This information can make it easier for the police to find the culprits.

Anti Burglary Mesures

It is possible that your home security system can automatically lock every door on your property, stopping burglars in their tracks. For this to work you will need specialised reinforced doors on the doorway of every room in your property. If a burglar is unable to leave the room they find themselves in you can simply wait for the police to turn up to apprehend the burglar, this means that they won’t leave with any of your possessions and they will get apprehended by the police.

Another security measure could be a smoke machine that could be automatically turned on by your AI-based home security system, this will disorientate intruders on your property and potentially scare them into leaving your property prematurely; this increases the chances that they will either leave your house empty handed or with fewer items than they would if your smoke machine did not start.  

AI Technology Can Use Sensors That Once Triggered By An Intruder Alerts The Police

If your home security system knows that all the occupants of the house are in bed and are asleep and it detects movement downstairs your home security system could send out an automated alert to police that can come and apprehend the burglars. AI technology can alert homeowners in a discrete way such as by causing their bed to vibrate, this can be a more effective solution than a loud alarm as the burglars will likely take their time ransacking your place; this increases the chances of them being apprehended by the police.

It is also important to mention that burglars may target more than just your possessions, they may also target your identity if they find enough information and documentation about you. If your identity is stolen and you have lost out financially due to your crypto being stolen you should contact a crypto recovery professional to maximise the chances of getting your financials back.

Behavior Tracking

It turns out that AI-based security systems may be useful in other ways than fending off intruders, they may also benefit from behaviour-tracking capabilities which can analyse movement and detect if someone is injured within the property and call medical services to the property. This can be particularly useful for older residents and those with medical conditions.

Detecting Abnormal Activity

Your home security system could detect abnormal activity around your home such as the sound of breaking glass or shouting, your home security system can take immediate action by alerting the authorities unless you tell it not to. Your home security system will also act differently when it comes to day vs night patterns. You will be able to choose which sounds you want your home security system to react to.


AI-based security systems are already showing promise and it is expected that they will only improve as time goes by.


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