How to Get Rid of Cockroaches from your Home


Cockroaches are disgusting looking creatures which no one likes. These dirty creatures are highly adaptive, and can survive even in the extreme conditions in which other animals & inspects can’t survive.

If you think that, these pests just crawl in your house, and its fine. Then you’re completely wrong. They spread a various kind of diseases wherever they go, and that’s why it’s becomes very important to get rid of them. In this article, you’ll get to know about how you can protect your family from these dirty pests.

Prevent Cockroaches from Entering your House

Have you ever thought why cockroaches are present in your home? There is a very simple answer of this question. They are here, because they get food and dark places to hide. By removing the things which are necessary for them, you can prevent them coming to your home.

Poor Food Storage

Ensure that, all the food items are tightly packed and sealed. All the food items, whether they’re for humans, pets or birds, attracts them. Even, they’re get attracted towards the cardboard boxes because of the cellulose present in them. By sealing your food items, you will eliminate one reason of their stay.

Seal the entrances

They live in the dirty places, and that’s why they spread diseases wherever they go. These dirty roaches come into your house through the drainage pipes, small crevices etc. Therefore, by properly sealing all the drainage pipes and crevices, you can ensure that, no more roaches will come inside your house.

Make your House Clean

Cockroaches live in the dirty places, therefore cleaning all the areas of your house helps you to fight them.

Warning Signs of Cockroach Infestation

Keeping the roaches away from your home is a good idea, but you should also know that whether you have a roach infestation or not. In the below, I have shared the common warning signs which you need to look for a roach infestation.

  1. If there are a lot of cockroaches present in your house, then you will find their egg shells which remained after they come out of them.
  2. By looking at the amount of feces, you can guess the level of infestation in your home.
  3. A serious infestation can also produce a strong oily smell.
  4. Spontaneous lookup for roaches in a dark room can reveal whether they are present or not.
  5. If you spot few roaches in the day time, then it means, you have a serious infestation in your home. Roaches prefer to come out in the dark, if there are few roaches in the day time, then you can expect a lot more of them are present.
  6. If your family is facing stomach related problems, especially children, then it’s a sign of roach infestation. Because wherever they go, they spread germs which cause health problems.

How to get rid of Roaches

Home Remedies

There are various home remedies which you can use to trap, and kill them. These remedies may not clear an entire population, but it can be helpful to you. You can use these remedies.  

  1. Coffee + Water as Jar Trap
  2. Use Borax and Sugar
  3. Use Baking Soda + Sugar
  4. Use Listerine
  5. Bay Leaves
  6. Ammonia Water Solution
  7. Fabric Softener


There are various types of traps available which you can use to kill or trap roaches. These include electronic traps, glue traps, and homemade traps.

Use Insecticide Spray

If you see some roaches walking around in your house, then to kill them you can use Insecticide spray. With this spray, you can kill them instantly. For this you have to use it directly on the roaches.

Use Roach Killing Baits

If you have a serious infestation, then baits are the best cockroach killer to eliminate an entire population. For using them, you just have to place them, and roaches will get attracted towards it, eat it, and will die.  

Final Words

Roaches spread various types of diseases, and therefore eliminating them from our home is very important. Those who have children in their house need to be more careful when using any of the above methods, because these can be proved very dangerous to them. Crazylegs – Catalina Foothills



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