How To Choose The Ideal Table Saw Machine


If you have woodworking projectsat hand, the need to have in depth knowledge of how to use a table saw is paramount. This is because shopping for table saws is one of the most important investment decisions a woodworker can make.

From time immemorial, a good number of individuals who have invested in these table saws have testified of how important they are in improving the productive uses of both their human and material resources. The below, however, are important information on different types of table saws.

Types of Table Saws

All the types of table saws are categorized in any of the below classifications:

·         The portable table saws

·         The contractor table saws

·         The cabinet table saws and

·         The hybrid table saws.

In line with the above categories, therefore, if you have the intention of buying table saws, you need to have proper knowledge of what these categories are and what you are expected to get from the different saws in each category.

The portable table saws:

The portable natures of these saws make it easy for them to be transported around. For this reason, it is often profitable to craft men and other individuals that spend considerable time on-site. Interestingly, these types of saws, nevertheless, tend to carry out the same or related main functions as heavier table saws, but usually on lower levels. Funny enough, they are typically powered bya compact general motor. For this reason, they tend to have lesser power and may even be noisier.

Lots of progress hasbeen made in the last few decades to portable saws. This progress has, however, improved their efficiency and durability to wood workers.

Nevertheless, portable table saws lack the required power to cut through thick woodsor those that are larger in diameter. In most cases, they are not appropriately designed to give the ideal exactness that exceptional carpentry demands.

Cabinet, hybrid and contractor saws are often regarded as best table saws. This is because theyoffer better choices for knowledgeable woodworkers and great hobbyist. For this reason, it is paramount that we discuss them at length.

The contractor table saws:

These types of saws were originally designed to be light. The essence is to enable one transport them from site to site with ease. Some of them weigh about 250-350 lbs and tend to have an open base. Unlike most other types of saws, contractor table saws are specially designed for simpler cabinetry works and straightforward furniture making.Trendy contractor table saws now have distinctive premium fence systems. Amazingly, they have one of the highest quality saw blades. Furthermore, they also have high quality utilizing blades designed for certain types of cuts. This is important as it allows carpenters to carry out some sophisticated carpentry projects with ease.


The cabinet table saws:

Just as the name implies, cabinet table saws have completely enveloped ‘cabinet’ base platform. They,however, depict the other end of the scope when compared with contractor table saws. Unlike their counterparts, cabinet table saws are painstakingly designed to match and perfectly fit the capability and durability required by a good number of expert woodworkers and carpenters. Interestingly, they have higher, considerable and more robust all around thestructure as the opposed to contractor table saws.

They are manufactured with higher trunnions, arbor assemblies, cast iron and steel and gearing. Additionally, they have more powerful huskier motors compared to contractor table saws.For this reason, they are the best table saws for sawing through woods that are larger in diameter ‘all day long’when compared with most other types of table saws. They are costlier than contractor table saws. And even with their high cost, the bulk of the machines and power needs have made them the ultimate desire for a good number of certified wood workers and other serious enthusiasts.

Funny enough, they are not transportable. This is because of their weight, which is about 600 pounds.

Hybrid table saws:

Considering the obvious gulf in class between the cost-effective contractor saws and sophisticated cabinet saws, a whole new group of saws – ‘the hybrid table saws’ was created. This category of table saws is encapsulated of most indispensable cabinet saw capabilities at certain prices that are within the range of an enthusiastic beginner hobbyist.Interestingly, some hybrid saws tend to possess more cabinet features, and basis while others possess small enclosed base and legs. In most cases, the base that houses the motor inside is enclosed.

However, they have more powerful trunnions and arbor bearings. In line with this, therefore, have more efficient drive belt system and gearing compared to contractor saws.

This category of saws has their trunnions attached to their base. This, however, makes placement of the blade with the miter slot easier and more pleasurable during woodworking projects.

Choosing the ideal table saw machine


To effectively choose this hand and power tools,it is paramount that one considers:

·         His budget

·         Time spent on wood working

·         Work environment or sort of access and

·         The nature of wood working project he undertakes.

Summarily, if you are managing a good work shop and needs these hand and power toolsthat can run for several hours without wavering, it is important to choose carefully by seeking the services of experts in such or related fields. Furthermore, if you are a novice, it is important to have in depth knowledge of how to use a table saw before embarking on projects that may require the use of any of these saws.

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