What Are the Benefits of Evaporative Cooling Systems?


Evaporative Cooling Systems.

Evaporative cooling systems are coolers that can keep your room cool during the hottest summer. These can cool commercial or residential establishment in an energy efficient and natural way. These cooling units allow warm air from indoor areas to escape and let in a steady stream of cool, fresh air. These can combine steady breeze with the cooling properties of water to reduce the indoor temperatures. Evaporating cooling systems maintain and generate the airflow through the water and the in-built motor pump and it does not have any chemical and gas chambers like other air conditioning system. So, it is an eco-friendly cooling system and it is also very cost effective. Apart from that, these evaporative cooling systems come in a portable manner and you can easily install them in any location according to your needs. 

Top five advantages of evaporating cooling systems: 

Evaporative Cooling Systems

1. Eco-friendly​

Refrigerated cooling dries up the air and makes of chemicals that, when released into the air, can cause harm to the environment. However, Evaporative cooling units use a completely natural process. These use water to cool the air, thus preventing dry indoor air conditions that can irritate your eyes, skin or throat and impact the environment. With the evaporating cooling system, you can breathe in a fresh atmosphere and all airborne germs are released outside and there is no re-circulation of air.

2. Low CO2 Emissions​

Evaporative coolers, unlike conventional cooling systems, release only lower amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Excessive CO2 emission can have a negative impact on people and the environment. The range of CO2 emissions in evaporative coolers might be different. This cooling system does not have any gas chamber and it does not use any chemical for its operation. So, it is safe for your health and it can protect our planet from global warming.

3. Noiseless Operations

Nothing can be more disturbing than having an AC that whirrs too loud for comfort, when you are trying to have a peaceful sleep. It can obviously cause annoyance and make you sleep dissatisfied. Evaporative cooling systems are known to be extremely noiseless, and you will hardly remember that they are inside your room.

4. Cost-efficient setup

These can be set up inexpensively, when compared to the setup of standard air conditioners. These evaporating cooling systems are very cost effective and you do not need to invest any additional amount for the installation purposes of these system. You can easily buy some portable evaporating cooling systems from online store and install them in your rooms. You just need to clean the filter, water tank and the motor of this system after certain time and you can do all these things by yourself.

5. Adding moisture to the air

Evaporative coolers can increase the total amount of moisture in your indoor air. This can be very assistive if you are living in a dryer climate. Regular AC units have this major disadvantage that they remove moisture from the indoor air. The removal of moisture from air can cause breathing difficulties for you, and also cause drying and cracking of your skin.

Reduced energy expenses by installing the evaporating cooling system

Evaporative cooling systems are usually more cost-efficient to run, as compared to standard AC systems. These are said to reduce as much as 80% in energy usage. Thus, you have to face lower wiring costs. Evaporative coolers use both water and electricity for power. The expenses can vary depending on the type of evaporative cooling unit that is being used, such as, direct, indirect, down draft, portable or side draft cooling system.

However, the total energy costs are a fraction of what it takes to run standard cooling units. Now you can find these cooling systems online and you can check their features and customer reviews before you buy. 



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