Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget


Do you want to remodel your bathroom and make it modern? Are you worrying because you are a bit tight on the budget and don’t know how to proceed? If yes, then here are some amazing bathroom remodeling ideas. These ideas are especially perfect for those who are on a budget and don’t want the remodeling costs to go too high. Have a look at these ideas, and then choose the one that goes well with the theme of your house and best suits your needs and preferences.
Bathroom Renovations

1. Painting the Entire Parameter

Fresh paint is suitable for remodeling all types of rooms and is especially ideal for bathrooms. Whether you choose the same hue as the previous one to hide the stains and dirt accumulated over the years or a new hue to change the entire look, the colors will instantly refresh your bathroom. When considering paint colors, experts normally advise choosing between white or something bright. Especially if the bathroom walls are currently tan or dark, you should go for these options. Attractive paint in is the main part in bathroom remodeling.

2. Decorate the Walls Artistically

A bathroom is among those places of a house that are very difficult to decorate. If the humidity is too high, precious works of art can easily be damaged. Choosing something other than a painting is advisable because it is often distorted by steam. You can also choose pottery, such as decorative plates and metal wall art. When you are remodeling your bathroom on a limited budget, consider simple wall hangings. Before hanging, you must make sure that the picture frame is sealed perfectly and has a tight lining.

3. Do Upgrades that Cost Less

Refurbishing the existing parts of a bathroom is considered the best cost-cutting option. But if the material needs to be replaced, cheaper alternatives often look surprisingly authentic. For example, try a luxurious vinyl floor instead of a real wooden plank floor. Today’s vinyl flooring looks much better than previous versions. Innovations such as premium vinyl flooring and PVC can be deceptive even from a distance. High-definition laminated countertops and quartz countertops have come to compete with granite for the appearance of genuine natural stone. Artificial marble has also entered the market, which gives the aesthetics of original marble stones.

4. Refurbish the Bathtub

Refurbishing your bathtub is another low-cost upgrade that can be perfect for your bathroom. If your tub has scratches or paint that is peeling, but you don’t have the money to repaint the entire surface, you can repair the tub. Some touch-up products like porcelain can be applied as easily as toothpaste from a tube.

5. Add a Big Mirror

Like a coat of fresh white paint, the mirror creates the optical illusion of a wider space. Adding a super-large mirror gives you more than just an aesthetic benefit. Small mirrors make it difficult to do tasks that require your thoughts, such as putting on makeup. Oversized mirrors make these things easy while adding a touch of elegance.

6. Use Cheaper Flooring Options

Are you looking for options to update your bathroom flooring but want to remain inside your budget? You can consider laminated lumber, peel and stick tiles, or laminated flooring. Unlike tiles, all of the products mentioned above are designed for people having a small budget. Since wood isn’t waterproof, it is not appropriate for bathrooms as it will end up getting damaged. However, if you want to have a feel of wooden flooring in your bathroom, you can consider using laminated wood. This type of flooring isn’t affected by the moisture and can be installed easily as well.

7. Upgrade Cabinet Hardware

If you have a large storage space in the bathroom, you can consider changing your cupboard fixtures. Replace old hardware and your rundown space within a day. For a luxurious touch that isn’t too expensive, replace trendy hardware parts such as brushed gold handles or glamorous hexagonal knobs. Choose fittings that match the plumbing fixtures inside the bathroom for a consistent look.

8. Window Treatment

The treatment of the old yellow windows can make a beautiful-looking bathroom quite dingy. Add new pieces of curtains and blinds to bring a boring and lifeless bathroom to life. Sheer fabric Roman blinds allow light to enter without compromising privacy, making them ideal for bathrooms with large windows. However, choose a mold-resistant fabric as mold formation can cause several problems.

Final Thoughts

Hope you like the ideas shared above and found what you were looking for. There are countless ideas to choose from, and the ones shared above are some of the best ones. Pick the one that suits your budget and needs, and hire a contractor to bring it into shape. Or you can remodel your bathroom yourself if you think you can do it without professional help.


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