8 Easy Guide for Hydraulic Cylinder Repair!


In the world of technology, the hydraulic cylinder plays a crucial role. It is important in a majority of the processes and industrial applications. The entire system might appear to be simple with a piston and cylinders arranged to lift heavy objects. Even cars and heavy machinery in the industry function on this simple principle. However, a simple error in the system will require an immediate attention from the hydraulic cylinder repair professional. In order to know when to call the professionals and what to expect from them, you should know the errors first. Possible Causes of Failure of The Hydraulic Cylinders:

Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder
  1. Bents:

The piston might be bent due to overuse or lack of maintenance. This can impede the entire mechanism of the hydraulic cylinders. If you are unable to spot the exact reason, then you need to call the hydraulic cylinder repair service.

  1. Cracks:

Not many industrialists notice a crack in the cylinders or the systems. It takes an expert to spot such issues. There can be numerous reasons for cracks or breaking of the cylinders. One of the prime reasons can be system overuse for a prolonged period of time.

  1. Wear and Tear:

Neglecting timely cleaning and servicing can lead to wear and tear of the system. This can lead to enormous pressure on the seals of the cylinders. In order to avoid major accidents or machinery breakdown, you will have to bring in the technicians for hydraulic cylinder repair.

  1. Damaged Rings:

There are parts like piston rings which can get damaged easily and collapse the entire machinery. Hence, you need to be careful about such errors. If you spot any signs of damage, you will have to contact the repair services immediately.

  1. Dismantle:

The first task that any technician from the repair service will do is dismantling the machine. It takes immense understanding and caution to pull out every part of the machine. Each bolt and screw have to be carefully pulled out and stored properly for rearrangement.

  1. Assessment:

Once the cylinder is dismantled, it becomes easier for the technician to take a close look at it. This helps tremendously in hydraulic cylinder repair process. The technician can check for any scratches or bends in the piston shafts. He would check for the rupture in the seals. Right from the slightest crack to the hydraulic fluid leaks will be checked thoroughly by the professional.

  1. Repairs:

After analyzing the issue, the hydraulic cylinder technician will come up with a plan. He will check if there is any need for replacements of parts. Everything will be arranged and then the actual repair will be undertaken. They have kits for repairs ready with them so that the repair procedure is quick and efficient. Most importantly, they understand the manual well to perform the repair procedure properly.

  1. Lubrication:

If you assume that the repair professional will simply repair the hydraulic cylinder and leave, then this is not the case. He will ensure that the cylinder and the seals are lubricated properly. It is the job of the technician to assemble the cylinder back to its original shape. Post reassembly, he will run tests and several checks to ensure that the cylinders perform well.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

When you rope in the professionals, you can be assured about the safe procedures. Everything will be handled with utmost care and perfection. The safety standards will be followed at all costs. The repair service makes it a point to send only skilled technicians who are adept in handling even the most complex error in the machinery. You will be updated with the errors and the procedures following to fix the issues.


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