7 Proven House Cleaning Tips For Autumn


Most of us are aware of spring cleaning but hardly anyone knows about autumn cleaning. It is said autumn cleaning is very important so as to experience a healthier winter. This is because the moment the temperature starts rising, germs start growing because of the warm temperature. It will help to keep the bugs away from the furniture and other items in your house. House cleaning is thus very important before the onset of autumn.

House Cleaning

There are many factors and ways which should be followed so as to keep your houses clean. Some of them are as follows:

1. Clean your windows 

Clean all the curtains of your house. There are many homemade solutions which can be used for cleaning the curtain. A cup of methylated spirit and around 5 litres of water can help to remove all the germs and dirt from the curtains. The solution may be transferred to a spray bottle which can make the process easier.

2. Clean your bookshelves and reorder the furniture 

It is very important to clean the furniture and to change its position. This helps in the passage of air and you will get rid of all the bugs. You can keep chilly drafts. One of the best ways is to block the windows by placing the furniture before them. While house cleaning, dust off your bookshelves as well. Try to get rid of all the unwanted books. You can keep them in the garage or in storerooms.

3. Arrange your wardrobe 

Arranging your wardrobe with the changing season is very important. Try to get rid of all those clothes which you do not need now. If you want, you can even donate unwanted clothes to the poor. This will benefit you as well as society. Nowadays, you can find several online shops which let you sell old clothes. You can sell them and earn money. House cleaning can thus be profitable as well.

4. Arrange the bathroom cabinet 

Most of the people have to alter their bath products with the changing of the season. The bathroom doesn’t need much cleaning; the only thing which is required is to make the necessary changes in the bathroom. Get up to date with the new products.

House Cleaning

5. Get rid of old medicines and food 

Do not make your house a dumb of waste. Try to keep the minimalistic number of things. You should clean your kitchen cupboards, shelves, etc. Also, replace all the old stuff that is not required anymore. Not only this, but you should also get rid of the old medicines. This can make the house cleaning process a little lengthier.

6. Professionals 

House cleaning can be difficult at times. This time, you may call the professionals for help. They will do the entire process systematically. They will clean the carpets and the curtains. They will definitely help you to keep your house organized.

7. Keep track of the high traffic areas 

Carpets are prone to dirt. This is the area where you can see dust accumulation every day. You can vacuum clean them twice or thrice a week. This will be sufficient. This is a great way to keep the furniture and the carpets clean and tidy.

Thus, these were some of the tips and things which should be considered while house cleaning. Autumn is in fact considered to be the best time to clean your houses. Never delay the process for a longer period of time as this can become unmanageable later. Most of the people often believe that until and unless they are able to see the dirt, cleaning is not required but this shouldn’t be the case.


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