Top 5 Tips to Throw a Memorable Start-up Party in the Best Pub


Start-ups are a new trend in the industry. It is not an easy thing to come up with as it involves a lot of planning, hard work, time, effort, and much more. Besides all the physical hard work, a start up also involves a lot of mental pressure. Motivation plays a major role, as it inspires the youngsters to go on till they achieve their target. After taking such enormous deals, it is important to host a party for all the partners, employees and whoever has put in their sweat in the business.


Such a party is named as a start-up party, which also acts as a great ice-breaker for all the people involved in creating the start-up as well as the newly joined employees. Nowadays, pubs are in trend to host any kind of party. Pubs can be a perfect place for booking a start-up party. However, the question that pops up in mind is – what are the things to understand to throw such parties or book one of the best pubs of the city? There are certainly few things to keep in mind which will help you in booking the venue for your start-up party in the most spectacular pub, leaving your guests in surprise.

5 things about booking start-up parties in pubs

If you are about to plan a party in a pub, you have to store certain things in mind which are briefly explained as follows.

  1. Know the theme or purpose of party: It is understood that it is a start-up party, but the theme or purpose should be determined as well. For instance, whether it is a launch party or a party to promote the services or is it to make an announcement about the start-up or something else. If the theme is decided, the set up of the party can be easy. You can add games, music, decor and other things based on the purpose. Start brainstorming and pick up a theme!
  2. Plan for the venue: As it is already decided that the venue should be a pub, the question remains which one to pick and how to book it!  Pubs are usually booked in advance and if you are late you can miss out on a great option. Start with deciding the size of the audience, quality of food, washrooms, audio video availability, insurance, price for a night and other important things. Compare a couple of pubs, and then shortlist the final one.
  3. Professional help: If you do not have much idea about throwing parties, there are professionals available to organize a start-up party event for you. These people are experienced as they have the sources as well as the skill to offer you great surprises for your event. You will be assured for the best party without any compromises. However, you will have to spend more for such help.
  4. Music, alcohol, and food: These are the basic elements of a glamorous party and when you have all three your party can be a grand success. So make sure that the arrangements are done properly and there is no shortage of these three elements in your party.
  5. Guest list and invitations: It is important that you prepare the list of guests and the invitation well in advance so that no important person is missed out. It is the perfect time to make relations for your new business, so make sure everything is perfectly planned.

When all the above mentioned components for the party are fixed, there is no room left for panic. It is also better to have a conversation with the manager and staff of the pub so that the party becomes memorable without any hassle.

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