Tips to Maintain the Heritage Windows


Just like the other features of your home, your heritage windows also require routine maintenance. Nothing can be in its good form until and unless we keep on giving service over years.  Especially if the windows are exposed to harsh weather the windows need to be regularly maintained. Maintenance works can be done by trained and skilled people who have proper knowledge of heritage windows and their related issues.

Heritage Window

Nowadays, there are special companies and firms that provide help with renovating and taking care of heritage windows. In general, repairing and maintaining your heritage windows is something that only patient and skilled professional can handle.

Tips to help in easy maintenance

Few points should be noted down for helping in maintaining the windows of the home.

1) Inspection Before deciding what should be done, the windows need to be inspected. You can do this yourself if you are experienced at window maintenance. Otherwise, make sure to hire skilled professionals who are experienced in window maintenance and repair. You must ask the contractor to check for any other problems with the building that might affect the condition of the windows.

2) Points to look at- Check the condition of the putty, paint, timber, and ironmongery. Test sensitive areas where water gathers, these areas need lots of attention.

3) Routine Many maintenance tasks require sashes that need to be taken out of the frames. Hinge fittings for the heritage windows can be applied to make the job easier and safer.

4) Paintwork Paint should be applied at regular intervals in order to protect the framing material. Its function is to keep rain out until it wears thin, cracks or flakes. Generally, the paint has a good life span of many years depending on its quality, suitability, its location, and the environmental conditions. Flaking or peeling paint does not necessarily mean that the timber is damaged; it may be just an alarm to redo paint work.

Heritage Windows

5) Repair and replacement of glass- Several types of glass are easily available in the market, but you need to choose the appropriate one for your windows. There are historic as well as modern types available. If the glass is badly broken or urgent needs are to be repaired, individual panes should be carefully removed. If historic glasses are in good condition then these should be reused. Never break up reparable old windows just for the sake of the glasses.

6) Repairs to hinges If your windows have historic wrought iron and brass hinges then you must routinely replace and minutely check them. If it contains faulty mechanisms then it is better to fit new ones. Hinges should be cleaned to remove old paint and lubricated regularly. Use brass screws instead of iron ones to repair existing or new iron wares. If the hinges are historic but are beyond repair, leave them as it is and without touching them, add good quality of hinges with appropriate size and metal that can match well with your heritage windows.

7) Surveying the windows Each window should be surveyed separately. The person who is hired for this job should make records of each window separately.  This will be easier and convenient for working men to find out the main problem. Heritage windows are precious and so you need to make sure that every aspect is surveyed appropriately.

8) Use good timber- There are many types of pine that can be used for window’s repair and new parts. It not only gives best effect but even longevity. In early days oak was the choice because of its superior qualities. So a culturally and historically rich timber can be used in maintenance and repairs.

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