How To Avoid Dangerous Effects Of Asbestos By Hiring Asbestos Removal Services?


Do you know that in the last few years, in the whole world, more than ten million people were affected by cancer and lung congestion due to asbestos? So if you want to stay in a healthy environment then remove the asbestos particles from your property. You need to contact with the residential asbestos removal service in this regards. Asbestos contains mineral fiber and in the past people used this to build their homes, basement, patio and garages. These materials were available at a cheap price and they could be molded by heat.

Asbestos Removal
Asbestos Removal

Later on, in the year 2003, some American scientists found few dangerous effects of asbestos. Now most of the western countries have banned asbestos and those who still have some asbestos walls and asbestos roofs are suggested to connect with the professional asbestos removal experts to remove the asbestos safely.

It has been proved and published in many medical reports that asbestos is one of the major causes of progressive fibrosis of lung, which is known as Mesothelioma (a rare type of cancer).

Steps for Asbestos removal for residential properties

During the asbestos removal process, huge amount of fibers are released into the air, and you can be affected with these air pollutants and you might also suffer from lung infections very easily. It is suggested to contact with the asbestos removal services and they will conduct this asbestos removal work with their technical team. They can also conduct the air pollution test with their testing machine.

  • Initial Testing: These asbestos removal services take some part of your asbestos walls. They will test this part under the microscope and give you the detailed reports about the asbestos.
  • Option to have vinyl over undamaged area: If you have the asbestos floors with no damages then you can install the vinyl floor sheet on this asbestos floor. But this is not a permanent solution, and you cannot assume about the time when this asbestos will be exposed. So it is better to remove the asbestos completely and in this regards you have to contact with the domestic asbestos removal services.
  • Sealing of affected area: These asbestos removal services with their team seal the asbestos rooms completely. They even seal the doors, windows, ducts and skylights with their plastic. Then they paste the scary asbestos sign on these window and other outlets.
  • Removal of Asbestos: They starts removing the asbestos sheets and stores them in plastic bags. These bags are specially designed for storing asbestos and they are environment friendly. Afterwards, asbestos removal experts collect the contaminated clothes, curtains and utensils from the respective rooms and store them in the plastic.
  • Cleaning and final air testing: Lastly, they vacuum all asbestos particles from the rooms and dispose these plastics in a specially sealed dumpster. They conduct the air pollution test with their machine to check the fiber percentage in the air.
Asbestos Removal
Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal services for the commercial area

Similarly, like the residential areas, asbestos removal services conduct their work in the commercial area also. But for the commercial area sit is the most complicated to remove all asbestos within few hours. Commercial asbestos removal projects take much time, because the asbestos removalists remove and dismantle the asbestos parts one by one from the property. Firstly they remove the undamaged asbestos. Then they try to eject the damaged portions of the asbestos and store them in their truck. Lastly they run the blower on the floors to remove all the asbestos and fiber particles, and vacuum the dust from the floors.

Air test is necessary after asbestos removal and in this regards you need to contact with the asbestos removalists for more details.


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