Why Solid Plastering Is Important for Your Home


Plastering is done for both embellishment and protection purpose. The plasters are rendered thoroughly with the coat of grey cement, lime and plastering sand whereas a white coat of lime putty is used for the setting the plaster to get a smoother and finer texture. Due to the harsh climate, the exterior walls of the house can be affected and you can find several damages on these exterior walls. In this regards, you need to do solid plastering on these walls, and it will prevent these damages and save your power consumption cost in future.

Why Solid Plastering At Your House?

Solid Plastering
Solid Plastering

Everyone has an ardent desire of possessing a well protected and ornamented house. To accomplish this very choice the walls of the home whether external or interior should be the place to start from.

  • Decoration– To give the walls and ceiling an astounding and an unsullied look plastering is a good option. Required textures and design can be made using plasters. Once the walls are plastered, it gets easier to paint in accordance to your choice. You can apply some acrylic color on these walls after doing the plastering. Plastering can easily absorb the tears and it will provide you waterproofing facility.
  • Soothing appearance– The leveling and smoothing of the walls are helpful enough to add several extra features according to the requisite.
  • Resilient– Well plastered and rendered house is more durable and strong with respect to the quality of plaster used.
  • Waterproofing– There are many complaints of water leakage and moisture trapping in the walls and ceiling which reduces the durability. To overcome this problem solid plastering is done so as to make the room waterproof.
  • Fire Resistance– Safety is the utmost requirement of the house owner. Plastering makes your house fireproof.
  • Easy Installation– Plastering is not a tedious job as it is considered to be seeing its application. It is easy to install as it takes less time to dry and to gain a better finish. For installation of solid plastering, you need to contact with some contractor or designers, and they can easily do this task with their concreters.

What Are The Requirements For Perfect Solid Plaster?

Whenever you are planning to install plaster in your home it is important to keep in notice some basic requisites to get a durable and accurate wall.

Solid Plastering
Trained Plasterer for Solid Plastering

1. Trained plasterer:

Plastering is performed by skilled, trained or experienced workers. It is a task of higher expertise. The work quality is of higher concern so choose a good plasterer for the work. Consider the certification, experience, and portfolio of the professional before you hire them for solid plastering.

2. Accuracy

While the work is in the process keep a check that the corners, edges, angles and surfaces are appropriately leveled and finished as demanded. This will increase the durability and make the surface appear uniform and picture perfect.

3. Contaminant-free

The area to be plastered should be kept free from pollutants like dust, soil, paint, emulsion oil, sand clay particles. If you do solid plastering on your walls then you need to paint these walls afterward, because the dust particles can easily be deposited on these plasters and it will get affected.

4. Expenses

The plastering work requires skilled workers, tools, and techniques to accomplish the task. It leads to the higher cost price of the work. The expenses are directly proportional to your requisites. The finishes can be traditional to designed one so as to meet the demands of the owner, interior and exteriors.

So make a perfect choice for your walls at let it speak it loud and let it flaunt at zenith to make your home a real marvel.

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