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Sometimes getting boots all the way on can be a hassle and can often take up more time than you would like. You might also have to bend over to try and pull on your boots which can cause your back to ache and that is never fun. When you get your foot about halfway into your boot and just can’t seem to get it any further it can become increasingly frustrating. At that point, it may be common for you to start to pull and try to force your foot in which can actually damage your shoe or boot. This can actually crush the heel of your boots and make them less comfortable to wear and often less supportive. This is where having a good long shoe or boot horn can be quite beneficial.


When you are considering a boot horn, length can be a critical factor. If you were to get one that is too short you may find that you are still bending over and potentially putting yourself at risk for back pain every time you put your boots on, even with the boot horn. On the other hand, if you get one that is too long it can be uncomfortable to use and more difficult to use as well. Also, more often than not longer boot horns are less portable than shorter or extendable boot horns.

Finding a good boot horn that is the best length for you will depend on a couple of things, one of them being your height, another being the length of your legs and your arms. This can mean that you have to use a trial and error method to figure out what length you are most comfortable with as well as the length that works best for you. If you are looking for a boot horn that you think will be used by more than one person, finding an extendable boot horn might work better for people with different heights and wingspans.

Sheepskin Boots


Many years ago boot horns were often made from things like bone, silver, and even ivory. Today most boot horns are made from either wood, steel, or plastic and each has different properties. Plastic boot horns can be more pliable and flexible than one that is made from steel or wood. Boot horns made from wood can be comfortable in the hand and lightweight if they are made well. Plastic and wood boot horns can last a long time when they are used the right way and for the intended purpose of a boot horn.

Most of the time steel boot and shoe horns are the most durable. Steel boot and shoe horns are often the smoothest, but they are usually not bendable or flexible at all. So when you are looking at different boot horns and the different materials that they are most often made of, keep in mind that plastic and wood will usually last for a good long time when used the correct way, while more often than not, steel is the most durable and the smoothest. It normally all comes down to personal preference though so make sure you find one that you like and will be comfortable using.


The amount a boot horn weighs may make it more or less usable depending on who is using it and that person’s dexterity and strength. So weight may also be a deciding factor it which boot horn you may want. Some steel boot horns may be heavier than those made from wood or plastic but there are some that are made of steel that can be pretty light.

Picking Your Boot Horn

When you are deciding on which boot horn you want there are a number of factors to be considered. You may want to establish what length of boot or shoe horn that you need and then move on to choosing a material. While you are thinking about what material you prefer, keep in mind that steel is usually heavier than plastic or wood. You may find that it is easier for you to chose based on weight and length alone. In the end though, it almost always comes down simply to your own personal preferences.

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