Make Your Front Porch Chic with These 5 Tips


Designing an attractive front porch can give your house the perfect first impression to any guest.  It can make your house stand out in your neighborhood as well.  No matter how small or big your front porch is, you can always make it look stylish. Here are five useful tips that you can apply to make your front porch chic:

Tip One: Mix Colors

colorful front porch

The goal of your front porch design should be to create interest. Make sure you mix different colors to make the porch look attractive. You can plant different colorful flowers and pumpkins to make it look chic. The more colors you add, the more attractive it should be. Make different grouping in flowers to add drama and interest.

Tip Two: Use Variety Of Things

Only flowers may not be as good as it will be when you use many different items such as pumpkins, lanterns, and pillows with flowers. The more features you add, the better it should be.

 Tip Three: Add A Bench When Possible

colorful-front porch

Adding a beach somewhere in your porch can make it most comfortable and cozy. Why not create a perfect place to sit and enjoy your beautiful porch? So, never miss out placing at least a small, attractive beach in your porch.

Tip Four: Go Vertical If Your Porch Is Small

Adding many different items in a small porch might be a difficult job. You need to be a little extra creativity and go vertical to accommodate different items.

Tip Five: Add AnOutdoor Art

To make your front porch look complete, add a large piece of outdoor art and hung it above the sitting area just like you do in your living room.

colorful front-porch


You can be very creative when you design your front porch. But you need to make sure you adjust the design of your front porch with the architectural style of your house. The more items you add to the porch, the better it should look. If you are from Santa Monica, you can hire one of the reputable Santa Monica Interior Design Firms to design the perfect front porch for you. Hiring professionals can be the best option if you don’t feel highly confident of designing a front porch that everything will cherish to have. Design your front porch and make it stand out in your neighborhood. 


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