7 Useful Motorcycle Driving Safety Tips For New Riders


Motorcycle driving is always a great experience. But motorcycle driving is more dangerous than driving a car as a motorcycle rider is 30 percent more likely to die than a car driver in a crash. If you are a new motorcycle rider, make sure you keep in mind the following 7 safety tips next time you drive your motorcycle:

Motorcycle riding

1. Hone Your Riding Skills Well Before Driving on Highways

New riders can drive their motorcycle in small and less crowded roads. But when you decide to move to the highways, make sure you have your driver license through formal motorcycle driving education and tests. Take your time to know all the basics and slowly apply them all in your driving.

2. Always Inspect Your Bike before Starting It

There are many things that you must check before you start your bike. Check the tire for any bulges or cracks or any signs in the treads. Look for any signs of gas or oil leaks. Make sure all the lights in your bake are functioning well. Beside these, adjust the mirrors, and test front and rear brakes as well.

3. Wear Appropriate Gear

Make sure you wear protective gear and clothing that can minimize the amount of injuries in case of a skid or accident. Wearing leather clothing is highly recommended. Wearing gloves and dirt bike boots can protect you from any severe injuries. Head the most affected part of human body in an accident. So, make sure you wear a helmet with protective eye wear or shield.

4. Avoid Bad Weather

No matter how good a motorcycle driver you are, there will always be higher risk of accident in a bad weather. So, in case or rain or windy weather, try not to go for a long motorcycle ride.

5. Follow Traffic Rules

It’s important that you know all the common traffic rules and strictly follow them. Not knowing traffic rules can be the cause of an accident. Always look for the appropriate speed limit in every road and strictly follow that. The faster you drive, the longer it takes you to stop.

6. Avoid Racing With Other Riders

Especially when you are new, try not to race with other drivers. When you try to change lane or road, make sure you signal ahead of time to let other people about your intention.

7. Watch The Road And Use Your Head

Perhaps the most important tip to avoid an accident is be watchful, drive safe in your comfort zone and always use your head.




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