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SUV care tips

Ignorance and not taking proper care of the SUV are some common reasons for SUV breakdown and damages. SUV is an expensive investment for the owner. So they should take the highest care of the vehicle in order to make it last for a long time. We, most of the time do many mistakes and take the wrong decision regarding the SUV. But you can protect the external and internal condition of your SUV following some easy tips. Few tips to keep the condition of your SUV always good are described below-

Feed your SUV quality fuel

You need to provide quality gas and fuel to your SUV. The most important and basic thing about your car is the engine. If you can’t keep the condition of your engine good, you will get the poor function and performance from your car. You need to buy the gasoline for your SUV from a good gas station. The function of your SUV is largely depended on the quality of the gas. So, if you choose the quality gas for your SUV, you can keep your SUV in a good condition for a long time.

Don’t let your kid damage the car

Well, SUV is for everyone. The large space inside the car is suitable for traveling with the pets and kids. Kids usually get a lot of space inside the car. But that doesn’t mean they will create the mess around the car. As kids are unpredictable, you need to take safety measures to protect your car from the kids. Using towels and cover the seats you can protect the interior of your car.

Don’t let the AC of your car turn off for a long time

It is very common not to use the AC in the cold season. But if you don’t use any electric device for a long time, it may collapse. After not using AC long time in a cold season, when you will start using it at summer, you will see that the AC is not performing well. So, you should run AC for few minutes at least in a week to keep smoother the function of it.

Changing oil regularly

Changing old oil after driving 5000 or 10000 miles in a regular period is recommended by the car expert. Keeping oil for a long time in an SUV can leave a poor impact on the car. If you want to maintain good functionality of your car, you should change the oil of your car on regular basis.

Keep the car in a shade

Sun causes a great damage to the car both inside and outside. So, you always have to seek a shadier place to keep your vehicle. When keep waiting for your car, you should keep it under a roof or a place where sunlight can’t reach directly.

Wash your car in every season

We, often intentionally or mistakenly skip washing car during the winter season. For the extreme cold, ice and the bad weather condition, we don’t wash the SUV. As a result, the SUV gets some serious damages during the winter season. So, no matter which season it is, you should wash the car in every season. If you are not able to wash your SUV, you should take it to the servicing center and they will the regular wash and detailing for you.

You will need to take special care of your SUV in the old season. If you covering your car with the SUV covers, make sure moisture doesn’t lock there due to not using the car for a long time.

So, these are the basic SUV care tips which can help you keep your SUV in a good condition always.

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