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Physiotherapy is a branch in medical field where the muscle ailments and problem related to bones and muscles can be cured by the physical movement and physical motions of the body. This is a vast field where there are many different routes and treatment methods for each part of the body. This kind of therapy will not require any kind of drug imposition or in taking of any medicine but only the exercises which involves physical actions. People who are having more knowledge and practice in physiotherapy are called as physiotherapists.

Duties of Physiotherapists:


Physiotherapists have some primary duties and responsibilities. Some of the major duties are as follows:

  1. Physiotherapists should analyse the problem of the patient and should be able to identify the problematic and affected area without any hassles.
  2. Treatment should be done only after analysing the problem. Physiotherapists should be able to improve the physical activities of the muscles which were affected.
  3. A physiotherapist should know what they are doing and should be confident and should be in at most consciousness as they are dealing with the patients where everything would go wrong if any mishap occurs.
  4. A physiotherapist should be responsible for the wellbeing of the patient who are approaching them for advices and treatments.

How to become a physiotherapist?


Being a physiotherapist is more than a job. It is a responsibility that one should take before pursuing a career as physiotherapists. To become a physiotherapist, one should have some deep knowledge and should have a proper practices and advices from an experienced physician. The basic eligibility is as follows:

1. To pursue a medical course in physiotherapy, one should complete the high school grade and should complete the school by studying biology and related science as first subject as the entire work is dependent and related to the human body.

2. After completing high school, one should score the required level of marks for studying the course in physiotherapy as requested by the education ministry and chamber of health education and association.

3. After the proper completion of course and attaining the required level of knowledge, one should start to do practice in real life condition to gain more knowledge and to know the exact meaning of their study and when and where to apply the knowledge that they have attained during their course.

4. After gaining real life experience, one can become a physiotherapist. One can become an expert in physiotherapy only after attaining the capability of treating patients with ease and without any hassles.

5. To get a clear knowledge and idea what the physiotherapists are dealing, then they have to work as a junior to an experienced physician or physiotherapist for a certain period of time. This will help a person who has completed the physiotherapy course. He will find this kind of apprenticeships very helpful for his future career.

6. Once after serving as a physiotherapist for some years, one will achieved the required knowledge and will become a pro in physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists should serve the people in a better way as it is a service more than a job. Patients will be unpredictable and sometimes will lose their control and patience while going through a treatment, and hence, as a physician, a physiotherapist should learn to be in composure. A person who is practicing physiotherapy can climb the ladder in their career by completing the courses which would enhance their career and will help to gain more knowledge about the human anatomy. The best advice one can get from the physiotherapist is about the reflex of the muscle and the proper physical motion of the human organs.

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