Everything you need to Know About The Types of Security Doors


Security is an important aspect of every property; no matter if it is a commercial or a residential have to keep it safe. If you do not incorporate the necessary security systems then your property and the people living inside it might be at risk. This is the reason why people install security doors at their property. With the passage of time, doors have come up in the market with different types of security purpose, and therefore, one might feel a little confused how to purchase the right one.

Different security doors are used for different purposes and their features vary on customers requirements. Some doors are more apt for the residential properties, while some are really good at protecting your commercial buildings from thieves. So, before you start browsing through the different models of a security door, let us know a little about some of them.

Security Doors

Types of security doors to choose from

#1. Security Barrier Doors– If your house is located in a region where fire-related incident remains a major issue then security barrier doors are the apt ones. These doors come up with just a single lock, and you can easily get it customised as per your specific requirements. The fire-proof nature of these doors is quite preferable.

#2. Security Pet Doors– People who have pets at their home often have to feel annoyed because they need to open and shut the door every now and then. When pets need to poop they usually run towards the door, and if you don’t want to feel annoyed then security pet doors are the one for you. Once you install this door, you don’t have to feel worried about the security of your home, nor have you open and shut the door again and again.

#3. Security Flyscreen Doors– Like the name suggests, this type of security door is for people who want to get rid of bugs, flies, and other types of insects. The mesh feature of this kind of security doors is quite suitable for household, as it would easily let air to come inside the living space. During the summer days, a security flyscreen door can provide a lot of comfort, and security screen door is one variation of these doors.

Security Door for Home

#4. Sliding Security Doors– If you are looking for durability in a security door then the sliding security door is the one for you. These doors are made up of stainless steel and aluminium. Stainless steel is used for fortifying the door, whereas aluminium adds lightness to the entire structure. No doubt, it is the most apt type of security door for preventing intruders from breaking into your property. As a matter of fact, one can consider a sliding security door also as the second door to protect their property. The compact size of these doors makes them more convenient for installation.

#5. Security Screens– For the commercial properties, it is vital to install highly tough doors, which can’t be broken without the use of special tools. If you are looking for one such door then security screens are the ones for you. They not only allow the easy passage of light and air to get into your home but also prevent bugs from getting inside.

So, those were the major types of security doors to choose from. In the market for security purpose doors, stainless steel and aluminium are the two major materials available. When purchasing a security door, you certainly have to consider the quality of material that is used in making and also the looks of it. In addition, the warranty period and installation charges should also be taken into consideration.

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