Is Buying Used Office Furniture Worth It?


Your office furniture needs replacement if it causes a lot of discomfort. You need to spend thousands of dollars for new furniture. You might have second thoughts of going to furniture shops to buy new office furniture pieces. Your desire to save money might lead you to buying used furniture. Is buying used furniture even worth it? There might be some specific features that you are looking for. You might not be able to find these features in used office furniture. Here is why it still pays to buy new office furniture pieces:

No Warranty or After sales Customer Service


Majority of used office furniture is sold as is. This means that if there is any damage, the seller will not be held liable for the repair. It is either you take or leave it. This is one of the potential problems you will face when you go for used furniture. Since you are aware of what you have gotten yourself into, the sellers have no liability in case you suddenly felt dissatisfied with the product you bought.

With used furniture, you buy at your own risk because it does not have a service plan or warranty. So for instance, you have bought a chair, you just need to hope that this office furniture piece will be in tip-top shape in the coming months. Not knowing the habits of your employees only makes buying new furniture beneficial.

Used office furniture might also have hidden flaws that you are not aware of. It can also be pretty scary to sit on a used chair oblivious to the fact that something might be lurking beneath. Do you know its first owner? Has it been used and maintained properly? If you do not know how the furniture was handled, you are not saving money because you need a replacement in the coming months.

Long Term Costs Can Add Up

Bargains might seem to offer the best deals but before you commit, you need to do your homework as you might end up with paying more in the long run. Used office furniture offers huge savings upfront but without extended warranties, the ones that new office furniture offers, you need to buy a replacement in case the components and materials of the furniture fail.

Used furniture does not give you the assurance that your furniture will be replaced. Soon enough, cost cutting will backfire because these chairs will start falling apart, especially if you frequently use them. Changing your office chairs do not offer savings at all. Outdated furniture styles, incompatible pieces and obsolete furniture systems can make you frustrated.

Issues with compatibility

Incompatibility is a common issue when buying used office furniture. Since you only have a limited selection, you will end up choosing the furniture pieces that are available regardless of their style. So if you are trying to build up your brand identity and your desks and chairs do not match, it can be a recipe for disappointment. Some of your furniture pieces might be modern while others are traditional. It can bring confusion to your clients and customers.

When it comes to making your used furniture work on a functional level, there is a big risk involved. Your furniture and your office space should work seamlessly. How can this be possible if the conference table does not seem to match your chairs? Modern furniture is designed to keep up with today’s technology. If you have bought a used furniture, it might not be optimized to meet IT requirements.

If you intend to invest in office furniture in the future, never start from behind. Great designs do not have to cost you a fortune. Office furniture Houston shops can provide you with the best deals, helping you achieve the type of business you like to build.

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