7 Clever Car Hacks That Will Make You A Better Driver


Car Driving

One of the best feeling in the world is to own a car of your desire. When you own a car, you must learn cleaver car hacks that will make you a better driver. It is always tough to maintain a car for a smooth run. But it is not tough to learn the hacks which you can use and become a specialist. No matter you have problem with blower motor resistor, or car air conditioning, you can smartly manage and control the situation with the easy hacks.

Here are few easy hacks for making you a better driver and make driving fun.

1. Clean Car Engine


Sounds tough! However, it is very important. Weekly use some soap and water to clean your car engine compartment. This will help you to save time, ruin frustrations, easy to find any leaks in the car, or any issue with the belt or horse breaks. Moreover, a cooler running motor will help you run your car smoothly. 

Imagine if your car breaks down on a long journey, and when you open it to check, you find a dirty compartment; you will burst with anger. In order to avoid this situation, always take out some time for cleaning car engine compartments.

2. Track Mileage

Track Mileage

It is easy to track mileage by resetting the odometer post refilling fuel in car. Make a note of mileage that you have tracked. Also, try to keep appropriate distance ahead of you. This will help you to gradually reduce speed rather than just hitting a big break and spoiling breaks and mileages of your car.

Next thing you can do to improve mileage is to operate car on cruise mode. This will give comfort to your legs and a better mileage to your car.

3. Check Blower Motor Resistor Regularly

Motor Resistor

One fine day you wake up and start your car and suddenly you face a problem in heater fan. Your cars’ blower motor resistor has failed and now your blower will only work on a high speed. 

Blower motor resistors fail because the fan speed of the car air conditioning is very frequently changed. Thus, a special care is to be taken in order to have a long life of blower motor resistor. 

Always check if the resistor is showing a visual error, and accordingly measure it with the specifications.

4. Use Calibrated Torque Wrench 

Torque Wrench

Always choose a torque wrench as per your needs. If you focus on a low cost and easy to operate wrench, then go for a beam style torque wrench. But if you are looking for accuracy and repetitive use, opt for a torque wrench which is click adjustable. 

Make sure your nut and blots are dry and undamaged. This will help torque wrench to give effective results and you can easily open the fasten nuts in future.

5. Use Multimeter For Auto Diagnosis Of Defect

Auto Diagnosis

Imagine a car without multimeter, and you will be in trouble. A multimeter helps you to diagnosis any troubleshoot in car, and it will also help you in measuring a amps, volts, and most important resistance. 

You must systematically test all troubleshoot with multimeter once you diagnose the problem within the car so that you ensure no other area is affected and requires further treatment.

6. Make Use Of Floor Mats When Stuck In Mud

Floor Mats

Have you seen cars stuck in muds and snow and people rubbing tires? There is an easy way to pull your car out of mud. Just use your floor mats present in the car and you will come over the mud. The mats will provide a traction and without any further delay, your car will be back on roads.

7. Follow A Truck Pattern

Truck Pattern

If any truck running on a road is ahead of you and it suddenly slows down, then you must also immediately slow down your speed because, trucks are the best guide on roads. And truck will communicate you the speed traps or any speed breakers, or damages on the road. And you can save yourself from bumping on a speed breaker.

The Last Note

Now you are well versed with the tech savvy car hacks that will make you a better driver. Start your car and enjoy your drive with the people you love to hang out. Also, ensure that any small indication in the car is an alarm for possible miss happening that you and your car can face. Thus, confirm you drive safe and keep your car up to date. 

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