11 Tips to Use When Creating an Attic Bedroom


For those who remember The Brady Bunch from years ago, one of the most memorable episodes is when Greg and Marcia were fighting over the attic bedroom. If you have thought about creating a bedroom in your attic, there are many things that you want to do to make the most out of the attic bedroom. Below are 11 tips that you can use when it comes to creating an attic bedroom.

bedroom1. Carefully Arrange the furniture

Factor in some space so that you can stand and sit around your main furniture pieces such as your chests, desk and sofa. Make sure that you are placing your bed in a spot that you’re able to get out of it and into it comfortably.

2. Use a Sloped Ceiling

A dormer is a great for using for a desk, reading nook or window seat. These kinds of activities do not require a lot of height, so when the area is constricted, they can give you additional function for that area.

If you don’t have a lot of storage space, one of the best ways that you can use the space is you can put in some built-in shelving.


3. Think About a Skylight

When you are arranging the layout of your attic room, consider a skylight/. Do you enjoy reading your paper in the morning while you’re in bed? Put the bed beneath your skylight. Do you prefer using natural light while you’re dressing? Make sure that your room’s arranged so the vanity’s sitting beneath your windows.


4. Avoid Overcrowding

An attic bedroom usually is a tighter space, and if you have sloped ceilings, it can feel very claustrophobic if you have a lot of furnishings. Just put in what you’re going to need.

5. Think About Painting It Two Tones

Painting always is tricky when you are working with a room in the attic, since your walls often are shortened, and it has more ceiling space than in the majority of rooms. For a feeling that’s cozier. Think about painting your walls one color and your ceiling another one.


6. Consider Using a Single Color to Trick Your Eyes

If it’s your goal to make the room feel bigger, paint your walls and ceiling with one color. However, if you choose this option, choose a lighter neutral color or choose white.

7. Don’t Have Overhead Lights

Don’t use pot lights when you are lighting up your attic. Using things like wall sconces or table lamps are a good idea. This will help you with playing up your dramatic roofline.

8. Add Solutions for Storage

Since an attic bedroom isn’t going to have a lot of things like wardrobes or storage cupboards, so you want to add some hidden storage. This is going to give you spots to put all the things that you need to have in your room and helps with preventing your room from looking overly cluttered.


9. Don’t Forget a Chair

Adding a place that you can sit in the bedroom can help with creating a separate spot in your room. Use your chair for a place to read, a place to put your clothes, or as your feature piece. When choosing your chair, look for one that’s comfortable and that will express your personal style.

10. Use Bedside Tables for Symmetry

Symmetry is very aesthetically pleasing and calming. Place beside tables that match on your bed’s sides to create this effect. They are also great for displaying and storing plants or small ornaments. Choose for tables that match all of your other furniture.

11. Choose the Right Bedding

When you are creating your attic bedroom, don’t forget to purchase some beautiful bedding. If you are looking for a bedspread or quilt to put on your bed in your attic bedroom, go to BeddingBeauty.com . They have many different types of bedspreads that you can choose from. These bedspreads are all one of a kind and handmade.

These are eleven things that you can do to help you with creating an attic bedroom. They will help you with making the most out of your space and having an enjoyable space to sleep. If you are looking for a unique way that you can add another bedroom to your house, an attic bedroom is a great choice!

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