What Is The Importance Of Hi Vis Work Wear?


Are you aware of the safety rules and regulations of the work that you do? If not, then you must know and comply with the safety rules and regulations. The correct use of hi vis workwear is a simple and affordable preventive measure to put into effect. Nevertheless, it plays a crucial role in order to maintain safety and prevent accidents.

Let us discuss what is the importance of hi vis workwear in the workplace.

Hi Vis Workwear

  • It lessens the risk of accidents that are fatal in busy work environments. Especially where there is vehicular traffic, industrial premises, construction sites, or marshaling yards; such safety measures are highly important. These places demand Personal protective equipment or high visibility workwear in order to comply with safety regulations.
  • Reflective over jackets or vests are useful in store aisles and warehouses with forklifts. The areas of existing and entrance require these shirts for maximum visibility and safety.
  • Apart from that, based on the ambient lighting and the electrical illumination, complete hi vis clothing might be required. It is because the drivers approaching can easily see the person who is wearing it. It is highly needed in traffic management roles. It increases the safety margin manifold, as the reflective cloths increase the visibility.
  • Technically, the most effective choice is the fluorescent color garment or the Day-Glo yellow along with orange and lime green. Besides, an additional bright feature is added with the help of extra reflective strips.
  • This hi vis workwear is available for both summer and winter seasons. They come with reflective over a jacket, are lightweight for summer use, and are thicker and heavier with thermal insulation in winter. This helps in preventing accidents and injuries as well as fatal mishaps.
  • In order to comply with safety rules and regulations for the workers, the employers must provide the workers with adequate and noticeable visibility clothing for those who are exposed to risks. And, employees must wear it keeping the threats in mind.  Everyone must abide by and adhere to the safety rules and regulations.
  • The quality of the safe workwear especially of the hi vis workwear must be paramount.
  • In addition to that, there are also safety advantages of the hi vis workwear as it is an effective way to identify the ground staff and authorized personnel.

Why employers must provide hi vis workwear?

hi vis workwear

The employers must provide the employees with adequate information on the maintenance and wearing the clothing correctly as and when needed. They should provide the employees with storage facilities when these are not in use.

The employers must also check the clothing before giving it to the employees. Moreover, employers must check the safety standards and regulations before placing any orders for the reflective shirts. It is the responsibility of the employees to keep the reflective clothes clean and maintain them properly. They should report any damage and defects in the clothing.

Apart from that, the hi vis workwear must be made keeping comfort in mind and should be made in a way that it should not get affected by the fog or snow or any other atmospheric condition. It should work adequately during day and night. The visibility of the reflective strips must not be hindered.

These are the advantages of wearing hi vis workwear at the workplace, as it reduces the risk at the workplace and can save from fatal accidents.


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