How to Understand the Telltale Signs of Residential Electrical Problems


Residential electrical problems are not to be taken for granted. That is why when dealing with residential electric problems homeowners should never tamper the wiring in their homes. Call only a licensed residential electrician to do the work.

Mostly, when there are electrical problems in our home and it goes unseen, especially to our untrained eyes. Bad wiring often looks the same as good wiring from the outside, but the ongoing damage inside can cause irreparable damage to families and even death at times.

To stay prepared for any problems here are some telltale signs of residential electrical problems that you should know beforehand:

# Tripping of the safety switch

The main purpose of a safety switch is to prevent injury or death due to any electrical mishap. These safety switches are designed to oversee the flow of electricity through a circuit. If for instance, there is any problem detected related to the flow of current as soon as it leaves the circuit, then the power automatically turns off within 0.03 of a second. This happens to prevent the chance of current flowing to earth, through a person and then electrocuting them.

You might have noticed when there is an overload. In case of too many appliances, being used at one time, the safety switch trips. However, if the safety switch keeps tripping time and again between regular intervals, there might be a chance that there has been a short circuit. The cause for this might be the broken wires. Moreover, it can be when wires touch other wires or so. If anything like this occurs and you happen to notice, do not try fixing it yourself. All you have to do is to call a licensed residential electrician immediately.

# Fluttering lights

You must have definitely noticed the light bulbs in your house flicker and flutter when there is an electrical fluctuation. However, when the fluctuation is absent and the lights still flicker, then it could be that the bulb is defective or loose or there might be a problem with the electrical connection somewhere in the circuit. To understand the problem remove and replace the bulb with a new one to know if it is loose or defective. If the new bulb acts up the same way, you know it’s time for a residential electrician to visit your home.

Residential Electrical

# Hot electrical outlets

This is another possible sign of an electrical problem at your home. When light switches, power outlets, or other connected power cords feel warm to the touch, ensure avoiding the use of the switch or outlet until you get it fixed by a residential electrician.

# Do you see sparks?

The occasional spark that happens when you connect an appliance to an outlet isn’t something to be too concerned about. However, sparks that occur frequently could mean there’s something wrong with the outlet’s circuit. If this is the case, then stop using the outlet, switch off the power, and call for electrical assistance at once.

# Do you smell something burning?

If you smell something burnt from switch or outlet, immediately switch off the mains power at the home. Besides, arrange an emergency visit by your residential electrician right away. The burnt smell might be coming from an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring, which could mean overheating and causing an electrical fire.


As children, we are taught not to play with fire. The same teaching applies for electricity too. Hence, if you ever notice any of the signs discussed above, do not try to fix it yourself.  Call a licensed residential electrician straight away!


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