Types Of Machines Used For Covering The Task Of Mobile Sandblasting


You can easily remote rust, paint, mill scale, concrete, barnacles, powder coatings, mortars and even rubber from concrete, asphalt or even industrial adhesives. All you need is the great method of sand blasting. You can do that on wider ranges of surfaces like bricks, metals, concrete, fiberglass, asphalt, glass and so much more. There has been a growing craze of mobile sandblasting these days and you might want to test these machines out.

Mobile Sandblasting

Always be sure to let experts handle such crucial stages of work as it is difficult to work on it on your own. There are experienced, dedicated and extremely passionate people out there, working and ready to help you with the proper use of mobile version of sandblasting machines. There are different versions of sandblasting machines available and some of those are car or trailer, boat, industrial or heavy diesel machines, trucks cabs sandblasting and truck parts mobile sandblasting, to name a few.

  • The perfect pressure sandblasting machine:

There are so many interesting forms of machines available in the market and you get to choose the right one among the lot. The pressure sandblasting machine is one option that you might want to consider. It is a manual operational mode with a sandblast kit in the package. Here, the blasting pressure of mobile sandblasting will be around 65 to 125 psi with maximum pressure of 100 psi and the hose length of 8 feet. It has the capacity of 10 gallon tank and with a nozzle diameter of 1/8 inches. It will weight somewhere around 46.3lbs. The purchase should be made on the basis of the performance of the machine and not on the basis of the name of the brand.

  • Portable sandblaster machine:

This is yet another example of portable mobile sandblasting, which is designed to work in and out of the available workshop. It is always recommended to sandblast little and this machine will make the work simple. It is perfect for big project handling and the dust exhauster is always incorporated. This is noted to be the special blast gun comprising of brush for covering sand collection and spraying. The sand can easily hold around 50kg of materials in it. As this machine is on wheels, it is easier to use and for the transport.

The compressor is from 2 to around 6 CV and from 180 to 6001 per minute. The airflow will be at 180 to 600 per minute a 6 atm. The pressure is from 5 to 8 atmospheres and the voltage runs at 220 or 230 V single phases. It will not be that huge as the weight is just 36kg but it has maximum power to say the least over here.

  • Suction based sandblasting machine:

Another manual example of sandblasting has to be the mobile sandblasting, also portable in nature. It follows the suction technology unlike others with the same old manual operational mode. This form of product is mainly designed for the weld’s repair, cleaning and retouching. It can further be used for cleaning graffiti and some of the similar works where you cannot use the free shot peening or the dust of the said environment. Sandblasting not only cleans the surface of the metallic structure but also smoothen it. This machine comes with portable sandblast machine with rollers and security valve of 8 bars. It has an air inlet for the quick linkup and air inlet based filter container. Some of the other major parts of this machine are anti-abrasive host, suction hose, quick link-up based screw and quick link-up hose.

These are few of the many examples to be placed under mobile sandblasting machine option. If you care to get the best one among the lot, log online and get some help as soon as possible.


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