Timber Dining Tables Have Been In The Vogue Since A Long Time


In most cultures, dining tables have played out an important part of family gatherings especially true in western cultures where people have food seated on a table, the table referred to as the dining table becomes a socializing event where members of the family over dinner would socialize with each other. Due to the significance of the dining tables, manufacturers and carpenters who specialize in the production of dining tables take great care during it manufacture.

Nowadays you can find several types of dining tables, and each one made with various materials, with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, since its inception, to this day despite all the advancements and the discovery of several different types of material, the most popular are timber dining tables.

Why Timber Dining Tables Are So Good?


Timber has been used for centuries as  a material for constructing our houses, furniture’s, fences, etc. today we have access to different types of materials to use in our dining tables ranging from plastic, metal, stone etc. but all these pale in comparison to the demand timber has worldwide for material used in building dining tables.

Timber hosts several unique properties which make it an attractive and more reasonable material choice when it comes to building a dining table compared to other materials. To provide a clearer picture, below are some of the key characteristics timber dining tables hold over most materials.

1. Strength and durability: possessing high strength and durability, timber makes it an excellent choice for dining tables, as they are very resilient and require little maintenance. It can tolerate high temperatures though not as good as granite. Unlike some materials, it will not cave-in or bend, unless it is exposed to extreme high heats.

2. Maintaining is simple: the rules to maintaining a timer dining table are simple; wipe it regularly, don’t allow water or dust to settle for a long period of time. Wipe dry if any stagnant water is present on the table. This will ensure to increase its lifespan.

3. Fashionable: timber dining tables, as well as other furniture, add elegance to the house; Its vintage look adds a touch of royal feel and brings out the complete charm in your home. Value: the charms of timber extend over time, exotic woods like oak, maple, rose wood, pine, bamboo, etc possess high value and certain hardwoods like oak have their values increase over time. The unique grains of woods also make the wooden furniture unique, thus when the time comes for selling your used timber dining tables you will find its value much higher than dining tables made of other materials. If the dining table is made of an exotic wood, the value could even double or quadruple.

4. Alteration: Wood unlike plastic or metal, is easily modifiable, you can add embellishments by simply shaving off the wood. You can also make it new by polishing or repainting it. This not only provides your table a new appearance but also protects the wood from insects and other agents that could rot or weaken the wood, decreasing its lifespan.

Contact your local carpenter or check into a nearby furniture store to look into dining tables, you can also find timber dining tables online, with some digital stores even offering to deliver to your doorsteps. Timber dining tables are classic and timeless, prices may differ depending on the wood used, and the quality of craftsmanship, but doing a little research before the purchase will settle most of your concerns.

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