Things to Know Before Doing Concrete Floor Resurfacing


With time even strong binding substances such as concrete will erode. There might be cracks developing on the upper surface which needs to be repaired immediately or else the cracks grow over time and make the concrete floor structurally weak. This might even make your floor prone to hazards. While you can go for an entire concrete floor laying this involves too much time and budget. For this, the entire floor concrete has to be chipped off first and then the new layer of concrete has to be applied. On the other hand, you have got concrete floor resurfacing which is a good idea to save both time and money.

Resurfacing the concrete floor will look the same as the original one but it might even increase the structural strength and bind well with the old layer of concrete.

1. What Exactly is Concrete Floor Resurfacing: Concrete floor resurfacing involves not removing the topmost damaged old concrete surface entirely. All you do is a chip off the damaged portions. And then lay off the new layer of concrete on top of that. If the cracks are deep the cracks are repaired too.

2. Will it Bind With the Old Layer of Concrete: Of course, the old layer of concrete will bind well. This process is used extensively these days to save both times in retail and commercial concrete surface repairing. Some agents are mixed into the new layer of concrete to make sure that it binds well with the old concrete layer. These agents are mixed with the new concrete in certain proportions so that it binds well with the surface and acts as a cohesive layer.

3. Will the Concrete Resurfaced Layer Look Different: With careful planning and pouring new concrete, the new layer will look the same as the old one. If you wish to go with concrete floor resurfacing of the entire upper layer for your floor then it will look brand new after the work is complete. Moreover, this uppermost surface is extremely hard and durable and resistant to cracks.

Advantages of Concrete Layer Resurfacing:

Concrete Layer Resurfacing

1. It Saves Time and Money: With concrete floor resurfacing you can save both time and money. This is a good way to rebuild damaged parts of a concrete floor within a quick time.

2. You Can Engrave Beautiful Designs on the Floor: While resurfacing a concrete floor you can also engrave beautiful designs and patterns. This can be done as explained above in stamped concrete.

3. It Is Structurally Stronger Than Normal Concrete: A resurfaced concrete layer is stronger as it binds to the old layer of concrete very nicely.

4. It Is Extremely Durable and Requires Little Maintenance: Concrete floor resurfacing makes the floor extremely tough and durable. And forget about maintenance. Brooming the surface and cleaning with a mop is good enough retains the shine on the surface for years.

5. It Is Slip Resistance: You can choose the binding layer to be anti-slippery as well. This is especially important if you have kids at home or aged people at home. The binding agent has to be chosen accordingly in such cases.


With the advancement in technology, you can also go for a stamped concrete layer surface during concrete floor resurfacing. This can significantly increase the beauty of the floor with beautifully shaped brick-like designs, wood, or slate or any other design that you want. You can use it on your patios, driveways, pool decks, floors of rooms, and even on walkaways. If you have no problem with the budget it is good to give your floor a revamped look while resurfacing it.


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