Things to know about Evaporative Cooling Service


The thought of air conditioning automatically pops up when summers arrive. Heat during the summer season offers unpleasant feeling and leaves a person to perspire for long hours. It is certainly irritating, isn’t it? Evaporative coolers are used in air conditioning and also reduces the cost of electricity. The evaporative coolers are affordable as well, and you can buy it at lesser cost. But you have to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of evaporative coolers.

Evaporative Cooling Service

A lot of myths are there for evaporative cooling as a lot of people say that their furtive cooler is serviced only once a year. That’s great at least you are getting it serviced once a year; let me ask you a question “How much time do you spend in your car in a day or in a week or in a month. How much time do you spend in your home or in your business” you are probably spend more time in your home compared to a car, so your air conditioning or your evaporative cooling system is actually working harder than your automobile. In fact, we all panic when that little sticker up in the left-hand corner tells us that it’s time for oil change and we got to take time off for work and get it in, but we do very little to maintain that one thing in our house that keeps us comfortable.

The great thing is that it is energy efficient as it requires only one motor for functioning, while other AC systems need 3 mortors. Hence, more motors = more usage of energy. Indeed! Evaporative cooling makes an eco-friendly deal for you. Getting it serviced is again a good deal, because it helps the system to function properly and maintain the humidity levels inside a cabinet. Therefore, your wooden furniture does not dry up. So, your money gets saved.

An evaporative cooling system need servicing twice a year. You can get the first service done when spring season approaches, that is when summers appear to be near, and once the summer season is at its end, it’s time for the second one. Keep in mind that these are the best seasons for considering a service for your evaporative cooler.

The other thing to talk is about Filter media of the evaporating cooler. There are two filter media one is green filter media and second one is blue filter media which most evaporating cooler contains. Both the green and blue filter media are synthetic, while the green one is made of paper material, the blue one is made of synthetic type. These are about sixty percent efficient in cooling down the space. A Needless to say, most of the service providers will make use these types of filter media.

The best filter media is Aspen pads. When you buy an evaporative cooler, the cooler comes with Aspen wood. This is an excellent cooling material about eighty three percent over your synthetic filter medium. This is because when Aspen wood swells up, so this filter media will actually swell up to twice the size that is another thing you need to look while buying an evaporating cooler.

A simple product cleaning and maintenance can double your evaporative cooler pad life while saving you enormously on maintenance cost. A water conditioner will protect your valuable evaporative coolers from natural elements by reducing white scale deposits, so they are no longer a problem. The evaporative cooler requires maintenance, and this will for sure contributes to the enhancement of the life of your evaporative coolers.


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