Roof Access Hatch – Useful Device Which Helps the Workers


The roof access hatch services enable people to gain safe and convenient access to roof areas. The lobbying is normally done by means of a ladder, ship or service stair since these devices were considered as the best items to date. These devices are available in a variety of sizes that provide safe access for installing and removal of large pieces of equipment from the roof. These products are configured with engineered lift assistance with which one-hand operation is also possible.

The Ladder Accesses

The ladder is one of the best security devices which are popular everywhere from time immemorial. Workers can easily remove these ladders from the backyard or storage units and place them on the building structure for climbing to topmost floors for cleaning, painting or other types of refurbishment works. Interestingly, these types of ladders are built using galvanizing metals, aluminum, iron, wood and other such best materials and they come in varieties of size, shapes, dimensions and colors.

The Ladder Accesses are Again Available in Several Varieties. Some of the Fastest-Selling Varieties are

Roof Access Hatch

The Type S Roof Hatches

These types of roof access hatch ensure safety through the deployment of a fixed interior ladder. These types of hatches feature a counter-balanced cover design that enables access with single-handed operation. The complete gasket and insulated construction provide the best resistance against climate conditions. These fine elements are available with the best quality galvanized steel or aluminum.

The Type E Roof Hatches

This roof access hatch available in the best quality and sturdiness for which is installed on the rooftop. Workers can easily open the latch and enter through the hole and gain entry into the terrace. This roof accesses are normally used as ladder accesses. These can also be used in the removal or installation of smaller pieces of equipment in a building.

The Type GS & GSS Roof Hatch and Skylight

This type of roof access hatch is adored all over the country since it comes with safety and convenience features. Besides, these roof hatches are also configured with added benefits of the skylight. The other features with these sorts of roof hatches include a dome cover, aluminum construction, and easy one-hand operation. The entire varieties within these two types of roof hatches are available in standard hatch sizes. Customized sizes are also available when specific requirements are provided

The Thermally Broken Roof Hatches

This type of roof access hatch is equipped with R-20 insulation. A-frame and cover design are also provided that help in minimizing heat transfer between the interior and exterior metal surfaces. The assimilation of all these features results in the formation of products that resist harmful condensation and provide superior energy efficiency. The Thermally Broken design is available in standard single leaf sizes.

The Ship Stair Access

This type of roof access hatch is ideal for installations in the areas needing accesses more than even. It permits comfortable and easy movements for the persons doing the maintenance, the tools and equipment. The materials used in the making of these hatches include the galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless-steel construction. These are supplied with dome covers that facilitates natural daylighting

The Various Roof Hatches Under this Category Include:

The Type NB Roof Access Hatch-Ship Stair Access

These types of roof hatches are chosen for the areas that need frequent uses. These hatches ensure hassle-free movement for maintenance people and the equipment. These hatches are normally made of galvanized or stainless steel and aluminum.

The Type Security Accesses

These accesses are made of heavier gauge materials. The use of heavier gauge ensures high-security applications. These include correctional facilities, banks, embassies and pharmaceutical buildings. These access security glazing and gun-ports too.

Finally, the roof access hatch can be optimized to facilitate field installation of many leading brands of security tools.

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