Role and Importance of an Automotive Electrician


While one may ignore the electrical aspect of a vehicle, it is only when the car breaks down in the middle of the road due to a fault in the wiring one realises the need for an electrical mechanic. Since a common person may not be equipped with the knowledge of fixing an electrical issue in the engine of a car, the role of an experienced auto electrician is vital for fixing any malfunction in the wiring.

Functions Performed by an Auto Electrician

1. Diagnosis

The primary role of an electrical mechanic is to efficiently diagnose any fault in the vehicle through the required tests. They are equipped with the skills of finding problems in the ignition, engine management systems, and fuel injection, as well as any problem in the braking system through the anti-lock braking system. To ensure efficient working of the battery, they check whether the connectors are properly fashioned in their place and are corrosion free or not. With optimal working terminals, they may further use a digital multimeter or voltmeter to assess the battery’s charge. A reading of 10 to 12 volts suggests that the battery is working properly. Further, a problem in particularly the lights or stereo suggests a problem in the fuse. The electric mechanics diagnose any problem in the alternator by using a voltmeter and attaching its probes to the positive and negative terminals of the battery while the car is turned on. A reading between 12.8 and 14.7 volts is considered optimal.

2. Knowledge

An auto electrician is required to be possessing knowledge of diagnosing, as well as repairing of all electrical components and systems of a car such as battery, ignition, lights and indicators, fuel injection and engine management systems, air conditioning and heating system, anti-lock braking, and entertainment systems such as navigation, radio, cell phone, and so on. Additionally, they must be familiar with these parts in cars of every size, model, and company.

3. Installing New Components

In addition to repair and restoration, an auto electrician is also responsible for installing new electrical components in a car by replacing the previous ones. Thus, they are responsible for ensuring modification by replacing the older entertainment system with a newer version, installing a more accurate GPS navigation system, or modifying the electrical system for functions such as towing a heavy vehicle, and so on.

Signs of a Good Automotive Electrician

These points not only highlight the roles of a good auto electrician but also bring to the forefront the need of getting your car serviced and repaired regularly. While every electrician from a reputed service center or car repair shop ought to be knowledgeable and experienced in the field, there are other interpersonal skills and qualities, as well, that one needs to consider before hiring his services. Since the electrical part of a vehicle is an intricate field, an optimal mechanic should have good eyesight and have a vision for detail to be able to diagnose the problem efficiently. He should also have good problem-solving skills along with the ability to use power and hand tools perfectly. An inquisitive mechanic who keeps himself updated with the latest electrical systems and tools also proves useful. Hence, with all these parameters, you can judge the quality and efficient auto electrician.

Any car service center that offers such a mechanic with technical as well as interpersonal skills makes it a recommended choice. Make sure you choose the right option, as an unskilled mechanic can cause greater damage to your vehicle.


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