Prim-U App Clone: Purchase The Best Beauty Service App In The World


The internet is huge. You can find anything and everything on it! Without putting effort into purchasing the necessary items, the users can get them delivered straight to their doorstep, and beauty services are one of those things. It may sound unbelievable but it’s true! Download the Prim-U app clone and see for yourself!



  1. Register or Login

The users first need to register on the app. They can use social media credentials to register. Once done, they only have to verify their phone number and email address. Whereas, if the user has already registered then they can activate the smart login method – fingerprint scanning (Android users) or Face ID (iPhone users).

  1. Choose the beauty services

After logging into the beauty service app, the user needs to select the services they need. For instance, they can select makeup, hairstyle, and blowout together or only one depending on their need.

  1. Compare the beautician’s profile

Once the user selects the category and subcategory of the service, a long list of beauticians are enlisted on the app screen. The user can then select one of them based on the beautician’s experience, ratings, reviews, and portfolio (showcased in the photo gallery).

  1. Send a request and choose the payment option

After the user selects which beautician to hire, the next step is to send them a request. While requesting, the user can select the ‘Book Now’ option to instantly send the requestor ‘Book Later’ to schedule the service.

The best part of booking service on the Prim-U app clone is this – choosing a preferred payment option – cash, credit card, or in-app wallet.

  1. Service request status

The request was sent to the selected beautician. As soon as they accept the request, an in-app push notification pops immediately saying ‘Booking Request Accepted’!

So, now that you know how the app works, it is time you get down to test it for real. To take the free test drive of the app, get in touch with the white-labeling firms. The firm will arrange a demo for your trial and if you like it – purchase the package!


Purchasing the entire package doesn’t mean you have to rob a bank. The cost of purchasing a pre-built, mature, and highly optimized app is far lower than building it from scratch.

To build the app from the very foundation, the entrepreneur will have to spend at least $250,000 to develop and launch a fully-functional app. Moreover, the entrepreneur can pay the entire cost of the package in partial payments called the Payment Milestones.

There are two payment milestones:

  • Payment Milestone 1: after paying 50% cost of the Prim-U App Clone package, the app developers will deliver 3 Android apps, a website, and an admin panel.
  • Payment Milestone 2: after delivery and approval of the 3 Android apps, website, and admin panel, the entrepreneur can go ahead with making the remaining cost of the package. The white-labeling firm will now deliver 3 iOS apps.


Do you want to earn easy and quick money without burning a hole in your pocket? Trust me, there is no better way to earn your first million other than launching your own beauty service app.

Get in touch with the white-labeling experts and discuss your project requirements.


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