Pilates – Not Just A Workout But A Thorough Effective Therapy


People have now become concerned about their health. There are various ways via which you can not only shape and tone your body but also enhance its strength. Pilates is a popular form of exercise, which is a great way to achieve the desired shape of our body. It focuses on strengthening muscles in the body, but it is even studied that it affects positively on all the other parts of the body. Pilates is named after Joseph Pilates who introduced the concept. Well, exercising can be boring sometimes, but Pilates is a fun way to exercise and shed some extra weight. Basically, the main concept of this form of exercise is muscle relaxation that may lead to joint flexibility.

You can find a number of Pilate classes around you, join the best ones to get the transformation that you are looking for. A candidate can sign up for the Pilates training with two major options:

1. Mat based Pilates – These are the simple one. This is the kind of Pilates that are performed by the individual on mat.

2. Reformer classes – In these classes you need to use certain equipment’s for carrying out the respective exercises. There is no age bar to execute Pilates. This kind of exercise is also known as a low impact type of exercise. Low-impact exercises carry minimal risk of injury while actual performance.

Equipment’s Used In Pilates Exercise


One of the key factors that you need to take into account is the size of the Pilate classes. You need to choose the one which is spacious such that all the equipment can be placed easily. There are various kinds of equipments used for Pilates training. The equipment’s like the reformer, wunda chair, spine corrector, Cadillac and ladder barrel etc. There are also other conventional equipments in support to the Pilates exercise. These are inclusive of equipments like hand weights, gym balls, magic circles, stretch bands, foam rollers etc. There are many different exercise types included with different names. These kinds of workouts are result-oriented. They are highly impactful in achieving fitness goals.

Myths about Pilates: –

Clinical Pilates

Although Clinical Pilates is a popular form of exercise, it has also garnered some myths. Pilates is an exceptional type of exercise. It is beneficial to the overall fitness and well-being. But there are various myths about Pilates.

Myth 1: Many feel that Pilates and Yoga are both of the same concepts.

Fact: Although, both of the types focus on the removal of stiffness in the body, strengthening muscles, maintain good posture etc. But the concept and event of the yoga are found considerably different.

Myth 2: Another common misconception about the Pilates is that it is intended only for women.

Fact: However, it involves a low impact movement that creates a wrong perception about suitability in men and women. Thus, there is no such thing. It can be performed by both me and women.

Myth: You need different equipment to do Pilates

Fact: Pilates is an exercise which can be practiced as a daily routine. The exercise can be done with or without equipments. Pilates comes with lots of health benefits which are result-oriented. This can also be done as a therapy. In fact, many consider Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise. There are fewer chances of getting hurt or injured while performing this. These exercises are good for maintaining a good body posture, gaining toned muscles of legs and arms also they are good for bringing flexibility in the body.

If you are looking for an effective way to shed some weight and tone your body, then you must try this exercise.


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