How to Pick Between Paving and Decking for Your Garden


The obsession with having a great lawn is well known, but to really add to your garden, having paving or decking makes it easier to move around the garden and break up the space. Breaking up the space with paving or decking is a great opportunity as well to curate separate sections in the garden, opening up to a range of entertaining possibilities.

The hardest decision though is not how to use the paving or decking but deciding on which one to choose from. Before you make your decision, there are a few things to consider that guide you in making the right choice for your garden.

What to Consider


First things first, it is important when deciding on an option for your home, to look at the existing structures around it. This will dictate the direction you should go in terms of decoration and direction. Remember when it comes to design; simplicity is key. If your home is made of stone and brick, then choosing something that goes with that is always the best option. Alternatively, if your home already has a lot of timber features, then matching any new structures with the rest of the home would be favourable from a design perspective. Attention to detail is important as not only will it make your home aesthetically pleasing, it can also add market value to your home.

Perks of Using Decking

Decking has an incredible reputation and is an extremely popular way to create entertaining space in your garden.  The best thing about using decking is the versatility; there are so many materials you can use as well as designs and colours. When most people think of decking, timber and hardwood grain comes immediately to mind. Not only is this a classic look, it has a versatile look, so it is a great option to match so many different design features of your home. In the garden, decking is great for boggy terrain and can create an elevation from the earth. A great way to disguise level changes and an excellent way to create a boardwalk, decking certainly has it’s perks.

But What About Pavers?

Brick, porcelain, cobblestones and other various sorts of stones and pavers are durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. The worst thing about using pavers or stones is deciding on which type to use! Being such a versatile option, it will just come down to what suits your home and what fits your budget. Between mismatched and crazy paver designs and that classic brick pavers; pavers are an excellent way to section off an area for entertaining, surrounding a pool or creating a fun walkway around your garden.

What you Have to Consider When Making a Decision?

When it comes to the argument between what is better; decking or pavers, there are a few arguments that are thrown up, one of them being the maintenance of decking vs pavers.

While many argue that pavers are a lot more durable and easier to maintain than decking, this is not exactly true across the board. While timber decking may need that extra love and care, as well as regular maintenance, the options for decking go beyond just using timber.

Composite decking, bamboo, aluminium and even metal decking options exist and by considering these options, not only can you bring down your budget, but you can also take away the argument that decking requires more maintenance than pavers. Find out more about composite decking here.

Another thing to consider is the location and what you are using the decking or pavers for. When it comes to areas that are raised, then decking is the better choice. As they can be structurally built over boggy areas, you do not have to worry about stones sinking into the earth the way pavers and stones can. Pavers though can be a great option when it comes to areas like surrounding pools, as having water over pavers can cause less damage and deterioration than decking.

The Final Verdict

Like with anything for your home and garden, the answer what is better overall is always it depends. Understanding what your needs are, matching the design to the rest of the home and knowing your budget is the best way to make a final verdict. What may suit other peoples home, may not work for you, so when it comes to deciding between pavers or decking for your garden- go with the option that suits your home first and you will not be disappointed.


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