Office Design as a Creativity Booster


When we go on a vacation, we tend to carefully search for hotels that have perfect lighting and an agreeable colour palette in the rooms. Still, does our office space follow the same design principle? In business environments, where creativity matters a lot, owners should try to achieve a balance of elements that nurtures an accepting office culture and boosts the production of creative input.

We have peeked into the working environment of some of the most productive startups around the world to decode their success formula, and here are the results.

Take your Time

Don’t feel obliged to rush into the office makeover and adjust every aspect of it in the lean years. If your business is relatively new and still experiencing growing pains, it can be tough to commit to the remodelling of the office décor, especially if the business takes place in local cafés and shared offices.

So how do you know when the right time to make that step is? Firstly, establish yourself as a stable and steady earning company. Secondly, assess your needs for the business culture and identity. Lastly, make sure there’s an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality in your office.


Self-Sustaining System

Don’t be afraid to let your employees personalise their office space. Letting them bring their photos, some private items and even their pets is free and provides immediate improvements. These objects can instantly revive a dull office interior, but more importantly, they aid in the creation of a genuine community, where all the members feel at home. Allowing people to be in their element is a paramount for releasing their creative flows, as well as inspiring them to be innovative and take risks.

Exploit Urban Zoning Methods

Awaken your inner urban planner and take the idea of zoning into consideration. The greatest cities and establishments employ the zones to optimise their space, so why not use them in an office? For instance, a kitchen counter can serve as a pit stop for chatting and short breaks.

Anyone who needs privacy may go to a special room or retreat to a solitary couch in the corner. This helps in space optimisation, but also gives people a choice. People thrive in different types of environment, so it’s wise to address this issue if you want to help them succeed.

Foster Conversation

Buzz can serve as a great fuel for creativity and efficiency in the office quarters. Did you ever feel the need to tone down your voice in a restaurant, when you’re one of the few people there? The same goes for the office space. The density can promote an easy-going demeanour in the employee communication and allow workers to be themselves. Also, keep the energy level on high by playing soft music in the background.


Acknowledge the Need for Concentrated Work

On the other hand, chatter can be a disturbance for anyone who needs to focus on a certain project. There are at least two options small businesses and startups can explore: 1) Creating a special space for people who need to work in a quiet environment without interruptions (think about sound-proofing) and 2) Allowing people to do their job elsewhere (home, coffee shops, etc.).

Fun and Nature

It’s well-known that people of all ages enjoy games and outdoor activities. In the business world, it’s an excellent way to help your employees unwind and recharge their batteries for a new day. For instance, a Ping-Pong table is a relatively inexpensive investment that can unlock even the shiest personalities to join in and talk.

Also, occasional picnics in the company garden (if applicable) or camping in the nature with one of those cool, contemporary fire pits can give them a fresh perspective only a change of environment can induce.

Freestyle Creativity Mode

Let your employees choose the source of their creativity, and allow them to personalise their coffee mugs, their desk arrangement and their working style. Some people are comfortable making first drafts on computers, while others prefer to do it with crayons and paper or whiteboard.

Any type of business could benefit from changes that boost creativity in their office space. These were some of the first-hand tips for office redesigning success.


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