All you need to know about Scuba Diving in Konkan in 2022


Konkan, which is very familiar and popular by the name Konkan coast, is a place which is located on the western coastline of India. It is a place in the state of Maharashtra. Konkan is surrounded by the beauty of many rivers. It also has many beautiful forts.

It is enriched in its beauty with the waterfalls and high mountains. Lots of tourists visit here because of its beauty. But for the adventure-seeking people, Konkan openly welcomes you with a lot of adventures too. Several adventure activities are held here such as river rafting, speed boat rides, scuba diving, etc.

Scuba diving in Konkan

Konkan is known as the best place for Konkan scuba diving. It’ll be packed with fun and lots of thrilling elements, which makes konkan the best place for water babies. Due to Konkan being located on the coastal area, it offers beautiful views and various water sports like river rafting, kayaking, etc.

Best Places for Scuba Diving

The two best places where the Scuba Diving facility is provided are Malvan and Tarkarli. As mentioned earlier, Konkan is the best place for water sports as well.

1. Malvan

The first place where you can go scuba diving is in Malvan. It provides its services for tourists as well as localites. The area for Malvan scuba diving is located at the southern end of Sindhudurg fort. The Kudal railway station is situated near Malvan, located at a distance of approximately 30 km. Modes of transportation like cabs and buses are available in Malvan from Kudal. You can book your stay in the hotels located on the tsunami island.  

You can reach the scuba diving spot from the tsunami island by a jetty. You will be guided by our professionals who will be there with you throughout the adventure. The training will be provided to you by trained professionals. 

You will also get a Banana boat ride, bumper boat ride, and island tour as well. You will have a really great experience in the shallow waters of the beautiful beaches in Malvan, Konkan. The cost of Scuba Diving is INR 8250 with the duration of 6 hours. 

2. Tarkarli

Tarkarli is another best place for Scuba Diving in Konkan. You have to go Scuba Diving on Tsunami Island here as well. It is along the coast of Devbagh in Konkan. Kudal railway station is not far as it is located 45 km away from Konkan to Tarkarli. You can take a cab or a bus to reach Tarkarli beach. There are several water sports here as well. 

 You will get a professional instructor who will guide you in various water activities. They will teach you about eliminating the anxiety beneath the water while scuba diving. You can also indulge in dolphin safari. The duration of the activity is 6 hours and it costs INR 850.

Tips For Scuba Diving

If you are planning for Scuba Diving at Konkan, here are some things that you must keep in mind.

  • Don’t smoke, as smoking is prohibited there. 
  • Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages because  it is restricted. 
  • If you want to go Scuba Diving, don’t go there under the influence of alcohol. 
  • Don’t ever refuse the guidance of professionals even if you are an expert in swimming, as it is not negotiable. 
  • Don’t  forget to carry necessary items like ID proofs, additional pairs of clothes, towels, food, shoes, etc. 
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen at all. Don’t forget to take medical as well as sanitary kits as well. 
  • If you are not a good swimmer, then you can also go ahead with Scuba diving since you are guided by professionals and they guarantee your safety. 
  • Before performing Scuba Diving, do not eat oily food. 
  • Heavy  meals should be avoided. 
  • The food items which are acidic like pineapple need to be avoided if you are going Scuba Diving. 
  • You should eat starchy and solid food items only.


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