Materials Handling Technologies: An Introduction


Modern materials for handling technologies are much more than just nuts and bolts, and we can see how their market is forever changing right in front of us. The storage, transport, retrieval and dispatch of products and objects within the warehouse and other distribution centers works more swiftly, enabling the companies to meet the increased customer requirements, cut the costs and boost productivity. A systematic distribution as the one we have today couldn’t be possible without the following materials handling technologies.


These devices are used for swift moving of items from point A to point B in distribution centers. They are equally capable of moving small boxes and full stacked pallets. There are different types of conveyors available, and their equipment can be adjusted for numerous applications. When acquiring one or more of these, you should take the following things into consideration: weight, size, condition, shape, capacity, accumulation option and form of buffering. It is possible to incorporate other items, such as sticker applicators and weigh scales.



Objects that are sorted properly and systematically will make later distribution much easier and faster. Sorters work by taking features such as size, shape, weight, capacity and condition of the conveyed item into equation, and transporting different items to different lanes. They can also keep track and trace records of each movement the object makes.

Stacker Cranes

If you’re lucky enough to have a big, spacious storage, you will probably not need stacker cranes. If (and this is the more common situation) you are working with a small, confined space, you will need these efficient alternatives to forklifts. Cranes use vertical space more proficiently than forklifts, with a 115 feet (35 meter) reach. One of the most distinct benefits of stacker cranes is that they enhance working safety by separating the equipment lanes from the pedestrian tracks.


This material handling technology is using rails to store and retrieve pallets among the tightly packed racks. The procedure is carried out by moving pallet bulks in and out of storage construction. The carts are manually placed in the intended rack place by using a forklift. After, they are operated via RF or remote controls. The satellite carts are one of the best things the modern technology has to offer in terms of material handling. Not only they’re fitted with sensors which are determining the necessary actions, but they also use versatile sturdy pallet racking which maximizes the efficiency in high-density storage places.


Robotics is a neat alternative to manual controlling the operations, since it speeds up the process and increases the productivity. The automated tasks are eliminating the tiresome repetitiveness of pallet racking, thus minimizing the product damage and workplace hazards. One of their greatest perks is that they function equally for both palletizing and de-palletizing processes.


If you have a storage space where most of the floor capacity is already exploited, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to squeeze in sturdy pallet bulks. Enter the automated storage called carousel, a perfect solution for high-density storages because it exploits the vertical space. It is mostly used for storage and retrieval of smaller inventory pieces with low pick rates. Each tray of the carousel is divided into bins that contain certain items. The trays are programmed to reach the operator for replenishing and picking options. When commanded, the trays will rotate to find and bring the products to the operator. This way of storing items improves productivity, increases picking speed, improves inventory record accuracy, reduces product damage, maximizes space utilization and reduces equipment downtown.

Speed, productivity and efficiency are three foundations for success in the business world, and if you make your material handling process automated, you will have greater chances for setting them.


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