How to Make Life Stress Free? Tips to Help Balance Hormones Naturally


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Are you sad, having physical pain or discomfort? Tips to help Balance Hormones Naturally might help you get rid of that depression!

Hormones are vital to maintaining our healthy life. They work as chemical messengers circulating in our body to modify structures and functions. In return, we get active and happy every day.

But what happens if its level suddenly appears imbalanced?

Even how slight it may be, imbalanced hormones cause havoc to our health. If you happen to be suffering from these, let me suggest some tips to balance hormones naturally. Natural remedies are usually budget-friendly, and which you can enjoy within the comfort of your home.

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Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones like estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline, and insulin are hormones produced by different glands of our body to boost our health. These glands (thyroid, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries, adrenals, testicles) team up together to ensure hormones do their job.

When the hormonal level is imbalanced, symptoms like these may appear.

●    Weight gain or weight loss especially during pregnancy

●    PMS(Premenstrual Syndrome), Irregular, painful menstrual period and infertility

●    Feeling depressed and anxious

●    Insomnia

●    Frequent fatigue

●    Low libido

●    Dramatic change in appetite

●    Digestive Disorders

●     Hair loss

Hormones have a profound influence on us more than we know. These signs of hormonal imbalances trigger depending on where it occurred.

For instance, I suffered from fibroid tumors and uterine endometriosis last year, resulting in my undergoing total hysterectomy.  The disorder happened because of the abnormal estrogen level in my reproductive system.

Tips to Help Balance Hormones Naturally

Now that you are familiar with what hormonal imbalance is and the symptoms that go with it, you would be able to appreciate remedies to help you fight it. Below are helpful suggestions for you to try.

●       Start eating healthy fats and increase protein intake.

Eat Healthy

Are you overweight? Discard all unhealthy eating habits like spoiling yourself with regular dosage of cakes and pork steaks. Indulge in healthy fats and rich in protein food like nuts, eggs, milk, and fruits.

High-quality natural fat intake will help reduce insulin resistance and appetite. Protein can maintain healthy muscles, bones, and skin. It is vital to eat adequately for our body’s daily supply.

Do you know that helping yourself with food containing healthy fats and proteins is responsible for decreasing the level of “hunger hormone’? After which it activates the release of hormones that would make you feel full and contented.

How about that for a slimming diet?

●       Implement a Daily Exercise Routine 


Regular exercise has plenty of advantage for our hormonal health. However, prolonged and intense exercise can worsen hormonal imbalance. I suggest you focus on relaxing programs like strolling, swimming, and yoga.

Vigorous physical activity is not advisable, but a little bit of heavy lifting may be beneficial. Mild weight lifting prompts a cascade of favorable hormone responses.

●       Limit intake of sugar and caffeine

Green tea

Forget about sweets! Avoiding much consumption of sugar is one way in enhancing hormone function. It prevents obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. Fructose can increase insulin level and stimulates insulin resistance.

It doesn’t matter if you love coffee so much, the fact is it creates problem to our system especially if you’re pregnant, exposed to toxins and is suffering from stress.

I recommend to replacing coffee with herbal tea. There are plenty of healthy herbal teas on the market. Find the kind that suits your taste.

●       Don’t expose yourself to harmful chemicals.

Do you know that there are harmful chemicals all around you that disturb your hormones? It imitates your hormones stopping the body to produce the natural hormones. A simple example for this is the birth control pills.

These chemicals are present in pesticides, beauty products, cleaners, plastics and new clothes. Coated cookware a risk too. So if you want healthy hormones, avoid using too much cosmetics or plastic food storage. Choose organic food.

●       Get enough sleep.

Sleep Well

We need lots and lots of rest. Sleeping at least seven hours a day is a perfect help to balance hormones. Sleeping is the chance for our body to eliminate toxins, recharging our mind and generates hormones.

Even one night of lack of sleep gives remarkable influence to our hormone levels. So set your environment for a good rest. Adjust the light, change the sheets and make a regular sleep schedule.

●       Take Supplements

It’s rare not to get the body’s need from our daily meal. Get supplements ready to back you up if you find yourself often deprived of eating the right kind of food due to tight schedules or scarce supply. However, make sure to consult a doctor for the supplements you need.

Here are some supplements that are vital for hormones.

✓      Maca- boosts the hormone to improve fertility, healthy skin and lessen PMS.

✓      Vitamin D and Omega 3- supports hormone function.

✓      Collagen- stimulates hormone generation.

●       Learn to control your stress.

Stress is the most common cause of hormonal imbalance. The affected hormones are Cortisol, “the stress hormone” and Adrenaline. Cortisol aids in handling stress while adrenaline delivers our body the needed stamina in times of danger.

Keep cortisol in its ideal level by engaging in relaxing activities. I suggest to indulge yourself in scheduled massage. Massage not only normalize cortisol level but also rise the mood-boosting serotonin hormone. The use of therapeutic essential oils is a big plus too.

Final Thoughts

While we can, I recommend doing the natural method for effective prevention. It is affordable and within our reach. Choosing the conventional way will make us dependent on drugs leading to high risk of severe side effects.

Our body needs a certain level of hormones to keep it up and about. Applying these tips to help balance hormones naturally can reduce the risk of significant health problems. Some aspects like the natural aging process, are unavoidable. Taking these tips into consideration will heighten the function of hormones.

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