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A lot of people feel like their garage is simply a functional item and give it no second thought. However, don’t forget that the garage door takes up a large percentage of your home’s curb side. It, therefore, has a lot of impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Here are some ideas for updating your garage doors. If you are wondering what a full garage door service entails, read it in this article here

Smart Garage Doors

In the age of theinternet, a lot of things are becoming ‘smart’. What it means is that they can be remotely controlled via the internet. Chances are that you already have some smart device in your home, be it the AC thermostat or the washing machine.

And sure, remotely controlled garage doors have been around for a while now. However, they required a separate remote controller which you had to carry around with you at all times. And if there’s more than one person driving, it becomes a logistical nightmare.

Smart doors can be controlled through your smartphone, meaning that anyone in your family can be given permission to open the door with their own phone. You don’t even have to be nearby since everything goes through the internet. If you’re the first one to get a smart garage door for your home, it can become the talk of the neighborhood.


If you cannot install a new door, the easiest thing you can do with your existing door to boost its image is to paint it. There are numerous painting options, including plain glossy paints, as well as matte pains which seem to be gaining popularity.

Another thing you can do is add vinyl decals as a paint substitute or addition. Companies which offer these decals print a lot of different designs and you are likely to find someone who makes custom designs, too.

Add Windows

Garage doors tend to be fairly big. If they are in one color, especially if that color is white, it may look unappealing. Small details on the garage door, such as a window (or a few of them) can really break the monotony of such a large surface.

If you add frames to those windows, you can really liven it up and create a door which is easy on the eye without compromising the functionality.

Add Accessories

Speaking of breaking the monotony, another useful way to do it is to add accessories. Things like hinges, bolts, and decorative knobs can all give a much different look to your garage door. If you can make it match the style of the rest of your house, that would be ideal for your curb appeal.

Add Lights

Finally, another functional, yet highly decorative addition to your garage door is lighting. Naturally, you will want lights to see where you are parking and walking in the dark, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make them be pretty as well.

Floodlights are a very common and simple way to illuminate your driveway. However, the casings of these floodlights can be made to match the other accessories you have added to your garage doors. If you are going for a classic look, you may want to make the lights look like old fashioned lanterns.

Apart from the regular lights, you can also add LED lights in the form of ambient lights. These can bring to focus some parts of the garage door or your home and really complete the look of your front yard.

Making your home look better is great for when you want to live there, but it can also help you a lot when you are trying to sell it.

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