Know Everything About Porcelain Tea Sets


We all love to brew our hot tea using exclusive tea leaves and high-quality tea pots.  Like you need a coffee maker to make a good coffee, all tea lovers know the importance of premium teapots. Brewing your tea in a right type of teapot is extremely important to get the best taste of your morning and evening tea.  When it comes to tea pots you have many options, metal, glass, proclaim and ceramic.

In This Article Focus On Porcelain Tea Set And Will Tell You Why These Tea Pots Make A Great Choice For Tea Lovers.

 Porcelain Tea Sets.

Digging Into The History Of Porcelain Tea Set:

Porcelain tea pots were first used in Jingdezhen a beautiful city of china.  It is china where pottery of proclaim and ceramic was first started.  These proclaim tea pots are well known for their beautiful bluish white designs and have been in used since the 7th century. Let’s first understand how is porcelain different from ceramic. These fine porcelain tea pots are well recognized for their aristocracy and nobility.  These pots originated in china and from there they travelled to Asia, America and Europe. Being used since centuries these vintage porcelain tea sets are still irreplaceable when it comes to tea making.

What Exactly Are Porcelain Tea Sets?

The very first thing to understand is that both ceramic and porcelain tea pots are clay based and kiln fired pots. However, technically calling porcelain is a type of ceramic only.  But there is a slight difference in the quality of both tea pots.  Porcelain tea sets are fired for long time at a very high temperature and they are made from higher density clay. In ceramic the surface is glazed, so later these pots often chip and a different color is revealed from underneath.

Benefits Of Porcelain Tea Set

Porcelain Tea Sets.

  • Beautiful: These tea pots not only come in wide variety of colors and designs they also look elite. Adding these timeless teapots in your collection will make your collection unique.  They can even be used a decorative price, flowery designs and golden edge gives these teapots their inspirational look.
  • Preserves Heat: We all want that even the last sip of our tea and coffee should be piping hot. No matter which porcelain tea pot you buy be it Japanese, Chinese or English, this material is known for its excellent potential to preserve the heat.
  • Durable: As mentioned, the clay of these teapots is harder, dense and is fired for longer time. Therefore, it is also one of the best materials to brew your tea when it comes to endurance and longevity.
  • Best To Make Green & White Tea: If you love green tea, white tea and other herbal infusions then porcelain teapots are the best alternatives. They have thinner walls, and still they don’t transfer heat unlike other materials. Hence they can keep the tea in same temperature but not as much as ceramic can. But white tea, green tea and herbal teas are brewed in lower temperature porcelain tea pots are ideal ones.

Final Thoughts:

Like everything these teapots too have some minor disadvantages unlike metal pots they breakable thus one has to handle them with care.  No matter which tea pot you but it is essential to keep them clean and cleaning tea pots in dishwasher is not a good idea. Because soap residue can build in the pot and taint your tea, all tea pot should be ideally hand washed. Always buy these teapots with cover so that the tea remains hot for longer time.


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