Hacks for Pool Owners to Make Things Easier


Busy lives can make it difficult to find the time to take care of our pool properly. You do what you can to maintain it but some things still slip through the cracks. Sometimes things need to be fixed and you are not prepared. When in a pinch there are always hacks that will help you in the moment. Though not always a  permanent solution these are some hacks for pool owners to make things easier.

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Saving money and protecting the earth seem difficult but they are both easier than you think. There is one very important thing you can do for both. Recycling isn’t just for separating plastic and paper in the kitchen you can also reuse things for other purposes. Do you have a pair of pantyhose or tights laying around that you don’t use. Instead of throwing them away they can serve a different purpose. Wrap them around a filter basket. They do a better job at collecting tiny particles. You can also wrap the pantyhose around your skimmer net.

Sunscreen, tanning oil, and body oils collect in your pool and while filtering and shocking your pool maintains the pH level you can remove oils from your pool regularly using a tennis ball. Pop a couple into the pool and the fibers absorb the various oils that have been collected from your skin. This is not an alternative to shocking your pool but it helps maintain the integrity of your pool for longer periods of time between shocks.

The pH level of your pool is important and needs to be regularly monitored. Regular checks can help you keep up with the changes. A cheap and easy way to maintain and keep pH levels stable is to use baking soda. The alkalinity will take the blow keeping pH levels stable. While shocking your pool remains important these little hacks will help you maintain your pool and are easy to work around crazy lifestyles and busy schedules.

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If you have an above ground pool you don’t have a bottom filter. That can be unfortunate and make it harder to clean your pool properly. They may lack the technology that give them the ability to clear water faster by drawing water into the filter. You can however use a manual vacuum if you have one. Hook up your vacuum and place it in the middle of your pool. Place it upside down to act as a main drain. It will clear the water faster if your water is cloudy.

Maintaining pools can be expensive when not properly taken care of and sometimes we feel as if we don’t have the time. We also want to prevent things from happening. Saving money and time are great ways to celebrate a fun Summer by the pool. Knowing a few hacks will allow you to do just that and let you to schedule your pool’s maintenance around your schedule. Keep up with what you need to do but make the tougher jobs easier by using these pool hacks right now.

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Authentic plaster & tile was founded by Diane Pierce and her family 35 years ago in Texas. Their specialty ranges from simple remodels with pool surface, tile, coping to complete pool remodeling by adding tan ledge, benches, water features and more. Also their own developed and manufactured pool surface material, Hydra Products, is warranted in-house and gives not only material warranty but also labor. 



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