How to get rid of blocked drains? Read to know more


In every household, blocked drains crate lots of problems, and there is no proper channelization of water and even there is silt built-up all around the drains. You can use the DIY methods to clean up your drain, and at the same time, also hire the best professional experts who can guide you about the process. Drain cleaning advanced equipment like camera, drain cleaning snakes and augers are very important. You can find highly qualified plumbers also provide proper warranty to you on the work that they do.

block drains serivice

  • Blocked drains can be the breeding ground of mosquitoes, flies, rodents, and various other pests, so it is very important that you keep your bathroom and kitchen drains clean and dry. Also free from any waste or garbage accumulation.
  • The right drain cleaning techniques can sometimes be homemade, using lemon, hot water, baking soda or other things from your kitchen. But they are not always the time-tested solutions that you can go for, and hence, you need to hire the experts in this regard.
  • If there is constant foul smell and gurgling sound from the drains, then you can rest assured that the drain needs major cleaning.
  • Vinegar, salt, lemon, and hot water can actually release light layers of dirt from under the spout.   When you pour them inside the drains, but if there are strong layers of dirt. They need to be inspected and then cleared with high-capacity tools that scoop out the layers of dirt and dust.

There are both wet and dry vacuum options available for cleaning blocked drains:

Closet augers or drain cleaning snakes now come handy, and you can use them for cleaning blocked drains to a large extent. Apart from that, there are some dry and wet vacuum cleaning techniques that can be used to clean blocked and choked drains. The right vacuum technique can suck out the dirt and enable you to get a clean and clear drain in no time.

  • The right plumber can allow you to get rid of blocked drains. You can check their license and registration and check the timeline within which they clean the drains. If there is a constant slow draining process and the water does not pass through the pipes, then you need to hire the best plumber who can give you the solution for clearing out the drains. Sometimes, when you flush, there will be brown color water in the cistern, and this can also be the cause of blockage inside the drain.
  • Often people throw toiletries, small toys, papers or sanitary napkins, and even hard soaps that block the right water passage.  Leading to major foul smell and hindrance for the water to pass through. Often in the main sewer or in the drain system, there can be tree root infiltration that can also check the overall flow of water. In any case, if you are not willing to cut down the tree, then you can hire the experts who help you to get rid of tree roots in drains, thereby maximizing the flow of water.
  • Sometimes, due to mineral build-ups and cooking oils that you leave over as spillage through your kitchen drains can be a potent cause of blocked drains. You can simply use hot water and detergent powder every day to clean the sink and the kitchen basins, so that the flow of water remains steady in case of the drain passage.

Now there are many local registered and efficient emergency plumbers who have their own websites or agencies. You can easily hire them during an emergency, or for monthly cleaning of the drains, and also sign an annual or a bi-annual drain maintenance contract with them. This will keep your drains dry and safe.


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