Factors To Count While Choosing The Right Lead Generation Service Provider

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Companies in this stiff competition are looking forward for an outsourcing partner to focus on core competencies and expand business. To continuously grow, it is essential for a business to drive qualified leads and pump up the sales pipeline. Lead generation is a time-consuming task and requires expertise. Your in-house staff is not capable to perform cold calling and follow appropriate methods to drive leads due to lack of skills. Herein, outsourcing to a reputed third party vendor is the wise decision to accelerate growth. Sometimes, companies hire wrong lead generation firm that not deliver leads to accomplish the desired sales target. That’s why it is essential to hire a right outsourcing firm that provide valuable services.

Like selecting new call centre software, recruiting new candidate, or even choosing a new business partner, hiring an outsourced lead generation provider requires diligence. But, outsourced lead generation possess unique requirements. Unlike selecting tool or even a new employee, if the leads aren’t converting, then it is not as simple as submitting a support ticket or scheduling a meeting to get the things done. When you opt for a lead generation service provider, you are trusting someone that help your business in creating new customers and driving leads.

While choosing a vendor for b2b lead generation services, it is important to consider the following factors:

Define your lead needs: Many vendors that offer lead generation services would like to believe that all leads are the same–but this isn’t true. The type of contacts provided by the vendor range from unqualified, cold lists to people who have opted-in to collect information about a product/service and brand. As you can imagine– each of these leads are in the different stage of buying process– some actually qualify as leads, while others are just names on the list. To make the most out of your relationship with the lead generation service provider, you will need to evaluate which kind of lead matters to your organisation. This means determining your marketing maturity, particularly your lead nurturing capabilities and alignment with sales team. So, look for a third party service provider that provides leads as per your business requirements.

Set realistic goals: Performing an ROI calculation for buying leads is not that much difficult, but you need to amend the framework depending on the nature of your leads. Every business person is looking for affordable lead to cut down the expenses. But, such leads are not likely ready to purchase from your company, so your return on investment date will surely delay. Time is a valuable resource, so always remember to consider this factor in mind when weighing the cost of purchasing leads. So, this is essential to build expectations within your company as this will help you more easily integrate your outsourced leads into your in-house goals.

Sort out well-established companies: There are a number of companies looking to sell “leads” to b2b companies, but there is a great difference between a quality provider and a startup. When it comes to find a reputed company that offer prestigious b2b lead generation services, checkout their social media pages, website and blog to ensure they have well-developed and fully-functional marketing channels. You should check the content quality of the website, blog and social media posts and also interact with the thought leaders before taking any decision. Finally, look for customer reviews and lead generation case studies on their respect websites. In this way, you will narrow-down the search and select the appropriate one.

Test for quality assurance: Data quality is the most strategic factor for any b2b marketing practice. Top companies that provide lead generation services will have processes in place to clean their data and deliver you the validated lead data. It is true that most of the b2b leads contain some type of inaccuracy which leads to sales failure. Just like software vendor that fixes issues in their tool, worthwhile outsourced lead generation call centre will replace leads who have inaccurate data. Therefore, it is important to test for quality assurance before choosing any vendor.

Support services: Like any other business partner, you want your lead generation provider to provide top-grade support.  That means you need to explore what kind of support a service provider provides to their clients. Check whether they provide sales training for your team to help close leads more effectively.

These are some important factors that you must consider in your account while choosing a company that provide best lead generation services.


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