Here Are Some Effective Diy Techniques For Termite Control


Termites in the household are a common problem that every house owner faces. The worst part is that there is no particular time or season when these wood chewing pests attack your house. They can attack whenever they want and stay years, ruining your walls, furniture, floors etc. Pest control is the best way to get rid of this problem. However, everybody knows that pest control services charge a lot, and you must stay out during the services.

Some people face this problem very often, and it may not be possible for everyone to afford pest control services. However, there are few do it yourself termite control tricks to help in such situations. You might have to put some effort, but it will be worth the result. There are things that you didn’t know increased the possibility for a termite attack. Here we have everything that can help you get enough information and solution for┬átermite control.

Home Remedies For Termite Control


Use Natural Termite Killer- This simple approach is ideal in termite control, particularly if the colony is beneath your yard. In such cases, a natural termite killer kills the termites and destroys their tunnels, forcing any remaining termites to migrate.

Use an Orange Oil- Termites and other pests dislike orange oil because of the active component d-limonene. Because it is poisonous to many common pests, including bed bugs, orange oil is one of the cleanest natural remedies for pest infestations of all sorts. An orange oil and water combination may also make a DIY fly killer spray in termite control.

Use Neem Oil- You may not be aware, but neem oil has so many advantages, it’s no wonder that it works great in termite control. Neem oil, like orange oil, is poisonous to termites and bed bugs.

Use Clove Oil- Clove oil is a simple termite killer; the oil is used to kill termites safely and naturally. Now, how will you use the oil? Simply put a few drops of clove oil in a spray bottle and fill it with water. Swish the contents about in the spray container to fully combine them. Spray the infected areas after that. Carpenter ants will also benefit from this clove oil spray!

Use Garlic Oil- Garlic oil is another one of the simpler termite control. When you detect termite activity, you may use this effective oil to help you get rid of termites. Now, how will you use the oil? In a spray bottle, combine the garlic oil and, if desired, the neem oil. Fill the spray container halfway with water and swirl it around to combine the contents. Then, at the first indication of termites, treat the suspected infected areas with garlic oil. Carpenter ants will also benefit from this treatment.

Use a Cardboard- Take an old cardboard box and soak it with some water to determine the size of your termite infestation. When the cardboard is wet, the cellulose in the cardboard produces a woodsy odour. This odour will attract termites and serve as a termite bait. Termites are generally attracted to the moist cardboard box if placed in strategic locations near wooden structures in or around your house. Termites in and on the box should be destroyed as soon as you detect them.


When it comes to termites, nothing beats a severe and devastating termite infestation. These tiny insects eat away at your home’s structural supports, possibly costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and structural damage. Fortunately, with the points mentioned above, you can opt for termite control and get rid of them permanently.

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