Why You Should Consider Plastic Pallets When Moving Out?


Plastic is the material that has always been the crux of most furious debates done over what possibly can cause serious hazards to environment. It has been in news for its imagined capability to do damages to environment surrounding us. So when you are moving out to settle in another location, plastic pallets are seen as a dreaded option because they are thought to boost chemical wastes and landfills. However, there is one positive aspect of using plastic as moving boxes that has been swept under the carpet – which is its ability to be recycled and reused.


Plastic Pallets
Plastic Pallets

The green idea is prevalent and followed everywhere like a religion dedicated to safeguard the planet Earth. Now a day, you will see many goods transfer companies vouching for the wide use of plastic. Due to their light weight, durability and long lasting material life, plastic made pallets have successfully replaced the traditional pallets made of wood or metal. Modern shipping and cargo companies prefer to choose plastic as moving boxes while helping people move to new place.

Types of plastic pallets

Usually, six types of pallet designs are available in the market, among which are:

  • Rackable
  • Stackable
  • Nestable
  • Drum pallet
  • Export pallet
  • Solid deck pallet

Compared to wood and metal, plastic is quite economical and ergonomic product used enthusiastically in warehouses at industrial level. For transition, plastic pallets are taken as a safest and most capable weight-enduring pallets.

The following are practical benefits of plastic pallets that make them an irresistible choice to consider for moving boxes as you move to newer place.

Unbelievable efficiency

  • Little or no scope of hang-ups on pallet jacks as experienced in case of wood splinters and nails
  • They are the best choice for closed loop setting in which there is a requirement of large number of trips before getting recycled
  • Due to high quality pallets, they often prove to be compatible with conveying system and observe no equipment jams
  • Minimizes utilization of more space while being stacked uniformly, allowing more number of pallets in the same available space compared to wooden or cardboard pallets.
  • Offers higher nesting ratio when compared with metal or wooden pallets
  • Minimal damage and reduction in overall transition cost
  • High enduring power for goods of heavier weight
  • No time to spend on sweeping and cleaning wood chips, dust and loose nails

Little chance of accidental product damages

  • Smooth, supportive and durable, plastic pallets have molded design that creates stable environment to ship and store your products
  • They will not deteriorate, warp, dent, rot or rust over a course of usage time unlike wooden or metal products
  • Due to great durability, there will not be any risk of compromising the safety of your products
  • No loose nails in case of plastic pallets, which means no chance of sudden, unpredictable product damage

Improved hygiene and sanitation

  • Plastic made pallets are approved by USDA/FDA, which means they are an appropriate choice for food applications
  • Plastic does not absorb moisture or react to weather conditions, which means no chemical, solvent, acid and salt sprays will not compromise their integrity and quality of plastic pallets
  • Since it remains immune to wet climate and rain, it will not support organic growths like fungus, mold or mildew
  • It effectively resists insects and putrefaction encouraged by tiny microscopic organisms like seen in wooden products. This means absolute hygiene and sanitation

Economy and low cost

  • Plastic made pallets are best for use in countries where wooden pallets are not allowed legally
  • Inexpensive alternative over processed wood pallets that are practically high priced, time consuming and brittle in the long run
  • Due to lack of possibilities of future damages, you save a lot in the end with plastic pallets


Plastic Pallets
Plastic Pallets

No injuries during transition

  • Light weight and convenience offered by plastic reduces injuries
  • No splinters, broken parts or loose nails coming your way, which eliminates accidents and mishaps
  • Because of higher stack ability and balance, plastic pallets hold it better than wooden pallets promoting safe journey

Recyclable and eco-friendly qualities


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