The Beneficial Aspects of Electrotherapy Laser


With the passage of time, more and more people are opting for laser therapy for treatment. Electrotherapy laser has successfully provided relief to thousands of patients around the world and its effectiveness is getting wide recognition and acceptance. In this non-invasive therapy, laser beams are used. Like we know, laser is an intense beam of light, of certain wavelengths. This beam can penetrate the skin and reach our muscles. This is the reason why electrotherapy involving laser beams are able to provide relief from pain. For this reason, the therapeutic aspect of laser is being used in many medical centres successfully especially in rehabilitation after surgery or accidents to improve range of motion as well as to relieve pain and discomfort from sprain or strain.

As a matter of fact, there are three types of laser therapy available and they are:

  • HPLT or high power laser therapy
  • LLLT or low level laser therapy
  • Cold lasers

In the case of low level laser therapy, low intensity of laser beams, particularly in the infrared region, are used. These infrared rays are applied on the injured part of the body. Since soft tissues are treated with this kind of laser therapy, therefore low intensity is used. With the application of LLLT, one can get a lot of relief from chronic pain.

More about the electrotherapy laser treatment

As mentioned above, light beams of certain wavelengths are brought into use to target a specific part of the body. When the laser beams are applied on the tissue, it induces physiological changes that improve blood supply. It also triggers changes in the cellular level which is otherwise called as photobiomodulation which stimulate cells and attempt to restore normalcy. In the case of therapeutic laser methods, the laser beam is gently passed through the skin, making sure that the beam does not cause any damage to the skin tissues. Hence, it is absolutely a safe method in which one does not feel any kind of discomfort. Below are some of the other benefits of using this therapy.

  • Quicker recovery- An injury inflicts damage to our cells. Recovery is a natural process of our body, which helps in healing the wound. Electrotherapy is helpful in speeding up the process of recovering from an injury. It stimulates faster regeneration of damaged cells and also helps them to grow and restore normal function of tissues in that area at a faster rate. As a result, a patient is able to recover from the injury faster than one would have without this therapy.
  • Enhanced blood circulation- With the help of electrotherapy involving laser beams, it is possible to improve the circulation of blood by dilating the blood vessels of the region where a lot of cell damage has taken place. Improved blood supply enhance nourishment to the damaged cells as well as aid in removal of dead tissue from the injured area.
  • Minimizes scar- Injuries often leave a scar behind, particularly in the case of cuts, surgery, and burns. Fortunately, this treatment method has proved to be very much effective in minimizing the formation of scars. No doubt, nobody likes scars on their face, arms, or other body regions that are commonly exposed.
  • Enhances cell metabolism- Every the cells in our body have their own system of metabolism. With the application of electrotherapy laser, it is possible to improve the rate of metabolism of our body cells. It helps relax the rigidity of muscles thereby proving to be highly effective in providing relief from pain.

So, those were some of the major advantages of electrotherapy involving laser beams. It is important for you to make sure that the medical clinic or facility selected by you has qualified staff with good expertise in providing treatment using laser electrotherapy.


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