The art of hanging pictures


Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply wanting to create a personal, homely living space, hanging pictures is a great way to inject a little personality. We’ve all seen homes adorned with carefully placed artwork, but for many the idea of creating an effective collection of artwork is a daunting prospect. Whilst there is a definite art to hanging pictures, by following a few simple steps you’re one step closer to creating the desired effect and having an interesting living space that would look at home in a designer magazine.


According to Belgravia estate agent Best Gapp, it’s always advisable to plan your design before you start. “Draw a plan of your wall and add all the pictures you want to hang, then play around with the layout, moving the shapes around until you have the perfect look “. For a really professional finish, draw around the actual pictures in their frames onto craft paper, and cut out templates which can be tacked to the wall until you’ve got them where you want them. Seeing the whole mass of pictures as one huge piece of art will also help with composition and enable you to create groups of artwork based on shape, size and themes.

Colour theme your artwork and frames- black and white pictures look good all together, as do strong colours and different textures. Using this process up the stairs is an effective way to brighten up an otherwise dull space and create an interesting talking point.

Choose your sizes wisely. The size of your artwork can have a huge impact on the overall look of your room, so always measure your furniture before committing to a big piece. As a general rule, pictures should never be longer than any furniture they are placed above, so make sure pieces like sofas and cabinets don’t become overpowered.

Use symmetry. Stanley Kubrick had a point- symmetry is a powerful artistic tool that can speak to our subconscious and create clever visual effects. Particularly popular with homeowners who like their living spaces to look neat, tidy and structured, hanging your pictures symmetrically will create an organised and considered look.

Tell a story. Anyone can buy a job lot of pebble pictures from a homeware shop, but truly inspirational artwork tells an interesting story about the people who chose it. Central London estate agent LDG advises, “Collecting paintings and postcards from favourite places, family photographs and hand drawn doodles are all creative ways to bring your personality into any room and take viewers on a journey through your life.”

Choose the right height. The position of your artwork can make or break the whole effect, so it’s important to start at the correct level. As a rule, it’s a good idea to start hanging your pics at eye level- for most people this is between 5’3” and 5’6”. Any higher and guests will be straining their necks too low and it can make the space look cramped.

Newington Green estate agent M&M Property says, “Artwork can be really useful when it comes to selling your home. Blank walls are boring and uninviting but hanging a few pictures up can create an instant homely feel.”


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